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SELISE specializes in the consultation and development of digital platforms. By partnering with SAP, ServiceNow, Parashift, etc, SELISE ensures faster delivery to market.

Founded in 2011, SELISE has dedicated the past decade and beyond to crafting digital value for customers from strategy to execution. From conceptualization and design, to development and maintenance, SELISE exercises best-in-class practices in delivering software and digital platforms. By partnering with ServiceNow, Parashift, SAP, and others, SELISE produces state-of-the-art, ultra-fast, and robust solutions for leading companies from around the world, helping them deliver their services to the market faster and smarter. SELISE’s customers are leaders in the sectors of retail, food, insurance, telecom, professional services, civil engineering and logistics, just to name a few.

When clients consult with SELISE, utmost importance is given to understanding the clients’ strategy, processes, and systems. Genuine understanding of the clients business goals is a key building block of SELISE’s services, leading to developing actionable plans. After carving out a solid strategy, there must be an analysis of existing processes of the client against their ambitions. SELISE then partakes in business process reengineering which leads to the final step. Once the strategy and processes are aligned, SELISE will adhere to the agile method and proceed to conduct research, build proof of concepts, create prototypes, and develop a digital platform, enterprise software, or a web application to help the client generate business success.


"Parashift’s innovative Intelligent Document Processing solution is a perfect complement to our offering and enables complex processes to be automated. By integrating Parashift, metadata can be read with amazing quality and further processed within digital workflow tools."

Bobby Leu, Chief Operating Officer, Secure Link Services AG




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