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simplyfile AG

simplyfile simplifies digital work by integrating silos and repositories into one platform. The result: 360-degree view of all documents and information.

simplyfile AG, a subsidiary of the Pius Schäfler Group which is based in Eastern Switzerland, supports customers from all industries in their digital transformation. Among other things, simplyfile relies on the powerful and easy to use software application M-Files.

In combination with Parashift, a self-learning and cloud-based AI data extraction solution, projects can be realized with way more speed and therefore significantly shorter time-to-solution.


"The Parashift Platform allows us and our customers to rethink document-centric business processes and unlock more potential from existing infrastructure."

Urs Kälin, CEO and Business Consultant simplyfile AG




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5, Ringstrasse, 9200, Gossau, Switzerland
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