5 ways IDP empowers IT firms to create value for clients

To be able to offer clients the best solutions at all times, IT firms rely on innovative models combined with the most advanced technologies. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) combines both in an optimal way. Parashift’s state-of-the-art and powerful IDP platform helps IT firms handle their clients’ complex business processes with ease.

In fact, as one of its core features, IDP allows IT firms to eliminate bottlenecks in document-based processes. 5 ways IT firms can create sustainable value for their clients by integrating IDP.

Key Takeaway: Parashift provides IT firms with a powerful, AI-based IDP platform to help them sustainably improve clients’ business processes.

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How Intelligent Document Processing empowers IT Firms: 5 Ways

Way #1

No legacy solution and no experimentation with AI: With Parashift IDP platform, IT firms don’t get a legacy solution at their fingertips, nor do they have to conduct any AI experiments. Rather, Parashift IDP solves everyday and real-world customer problems thanks to advanced AI technologies.

Way #2

Intelligent Document Processing as the best solution for capturing, classifying and extracting data from documents: Parashift IDP platform enables IT enterprise customers to perform digital process design more efficiently and affordably.

Way #3

High complexity and variability in documents are not barriers: Parashift’s AI-based IDP platform is built to handle unstructured and complex documents. No templates are needed, but numerous document types are available out-of-the-box.

Way #4

Finally implement the digital transformation initiative consistently: Parashift’s Intelligent Document Processing brings the necessary flexibility and agility to digital transformation initiatives, enabling IT companies to offer specific solutions to their customers immediately.

Way #5

Continue to expand the range of services and attract new customers: With high-performance technologies, IDP brings numerous added values to IT companies, enabling existing customers to be offered better services and new customers to be offered a broader range of services than those offered by the competition. Achieving more progress faster is hardly possible.

Parashift’s unique solution approach is highly interesting for us as a long-standing and innovative solution integrator in the area of digitization of document-related processes. The technology ideally complements our existing solution portfolio. Thanks to Parashift, our customers benefit from tailored and sustainable solutions and services. – Dominic Wullschleger, Head of Sales & Marketing Arcplace

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