Hypoforum 2022 Conference by Alain Veuve

Is the mortgage market on the verge of a radical transformation? Every year, Hypoforum, an organization specializing in mortgage and financing management events, analyses current developments in the industry and discusses possible future scenarios.

At this year’s Hypoforum 2022, Alain Veuve, founder and CEO of Parashift, had the opportunity to hold his conference on the topic of “Intelligent Document Processing and its role in the mortgage industry”.

In this session, Alain Veuve discussed what is driving automation in the mortgage industry today, where automation has the greatest potential, and how companies can use Intelligent Document Processing to overcome obstacles.


The excellent organization of the St. Gallen Banking Consulting Center and St. Gallen Business Engineering Institute at the SIX ConventionPoint perfectly complemented this exciting day at the Hypoforum.

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