IDP Podcast, Episode #26: Thomas Knell, Product Manager from Faigle

The world’s first Intelligent Document Processing Podcast

Join Stefan Wagner, Head Partner Management of Parashift and special guest Thomas Knell, Product Manager of Faigle in a groundbreaking discussion about the future of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

Throughout the episode, they touch upon the pioneering efforts in Switzerland, the transformative impact of cloud computing, and the challenges and innovations shaping the field. The conversation also explores the future of document processing, the role of Large Language Models (LLM) and AI in automation, and the importance of APIs and documentation for integration simplicity. It’s a comprehensive dive into the current and future state of IDP, offering insights from industry experts.

Video Chapters:

Introduction: Meet Stefan Wagner, Head of Partner Management at Parashift, and Thomas Knell, Product Manager at Faigle, as they set the stage for today’s insightful discussion.

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Faigle’s Role in IDP: Discover how Faigle is pioneering intelligent document processing solutions across Switzerland.

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Evolution of Cloud Computing: Learn about the transformative impact of cloud computing on IDP, highlighting shifts before and after Covid.

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Future of Document Processing: Peek into what the future holds for document processing technologies and methodologies.

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Deep Dive into LLM & AI: Gain insights into the significant role of Large Language Models and AI in advancing document automation.

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Date of Interview: January 16, 2024

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the participants and do not reflect the views of their respective companies.

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