Outstanding data quality standard for Customers through full validation by Parashift

Today’s OCR solutions are quick to throw around perfect extraction accuracy. Many promise high performance, but are often hugely limited in execution due to weak data quality. Read on to see how Parashift’s combination of powerful AI OCR and effective validation teams provides customers with fully validated data for business process automation.

Freeing employees not only from data entry, but also from data validation – possible with Parashift’s full validation.

High-quality database for ML models

One of the decisive factors for the automation of business processes is, among other things, the availability of relevant and accurate data. The consequence of accurate data is a solid, qualitative database. Without this database, the algorithm of the machine learning models would deliver poor results and the results would be sobering.

Impeccable data quality is everything.

Systems based on machine learning only produce a corresponding success rate if the database on which the ML models learn is also an excellent one. For efficient training of ML models, accurate and complete ground truth data is key. Therefore, Parashift platform is built on the combination of powerful AI OCR and functionalities such as human-in-the-loop for data validation.

100% accurate data for Procure to Pay documents

Many companies want to not only minimize their interactions with documents, but check them off as completely as possible. Parashift’s validation mode enables just that for Procure to Pay (P2P) documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and order confirmations. Strong validation teams at Parashift provide the foundation of superior data quality.

Features of Parashift’s human validation for P2P documents:

  • The excellent quality of ground truth data also applies to line items such as delivery date, article number, quantity, etc.
  • Fully validated and structured data provided within 3 hours
  • Actionable data for increasing straight-through processing
  • Free your employees in addition to data capture, from 100% of data validation of invoices

Parashift’s AI OCR along with human validation is revolutionizing the accounts payable process.

The result: Scale your automation initiatives

Ultimately, all automation initiatives in the enterprise benefit from Parashift’s full validation: The better the data is validated, the more effectively the underlying machine learning models are trained, and the easier it is to automatically feed accurate data to downstream business processes.

Companies can thus completely rethink processes and finally move more and more in the direction of end-to-end automations.

  • Accurate data for robust automation
  • Instant reduction of human interaction
  • New resources for value-added work
  • Scale cross-departmental automation initiatives

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