Parashift launches UiPath Connector

Parashift, the Swiss DeepTech company in automated invoice processing, provides a connector for the RPA suite UiPath.

RPA solutions provide companies with important opportunities to automate business processes. According to Gartner, the leading provider in this area is UiPath.

Easy access to invoice extraction

In order to easily map invoice and document extraction in the UiPath processes, Parashift has now built an appropriate connector. This pecific component can be integrated into UiPath processes in a standardized way. This allows integration costs and integration time to be significantly reduced since no interfaces must be adapted.

The integration can be obtained free of charge from the UiPath marketplace.

100% automated invoice extraction

A decisive advantage of Parashift’s document extraction platform is the option to obtain invoice data 100% post-validated. This eliminates the need for correction and validation of the extraction results. In interaction with the UiPath robots, autonomous processes in invoice processing are possible end-to-end. This accelerates the processing time considerably and enables completely new applications.

Cooperation with partners

At the same time, Parashift has started to work with partners to ensure easy and direct access to fully automated invoice processing. Partners will be announced in the coming weeks. More partners are welcome.

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