The world’s first OCR eliminating 100% of data entry

Not only do you want to stop wasting time on manual data entry, but you also want to relieve your employees of OCR post-processing? You can have that. With zero post-processing option, Parashift offers businesses exactly that for their P2P documents, revolutionizing accounts payable. Customers know exactly what they’re getting with zero post-processing option.

Parashift delivers the first AI-based OCR that handles your P2P process from start to finish. Finally, you can power your business processes with accurate data and further increase your straight-through processing.

You see what you get, you get what you see: A state-of-the-art document extraction with zero post-processing option for fully validated data.

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Quick facts about zero post-processing option

1. Zero post-processing option brings clear perspectives to companies: In addition to automatically classifying and extracting your P2P documents, in the future you will also let Parashift handle any post-processing and validation of the extracted data.

2. Zero post-processing option means 100% elimination of everything related to P2P document processing for you and your employees.

3. With zero post-processing option, Parashift provides you with a high quality validation service and very short response time.

4. With zero post-processing option, you benefit from fully validated data – even for line items!

The biggest benefits with zero post-processing option

The benefits of the zero post-processing option are numerous and guarantee companies not only high-quality results, but also create unprecedented opportunities. Among the biggest benefits are the following:

  • No data entry, no OCR post-processing and in less than 3 hours you get fully validated data in structured form – Rethink processes from scratch
  • Automate complex business processes
  • Scale your automation projects
  • Ensure a fast ROI thanks to rapid implementation and super-fast go-live
  • Free up your employees for more value-added work
  • Gain new resources and reduce costs

What does Parashift do exclusively with zero post-processing option?

Customers know exactly what they get with zero post-processing option: A state-of-the-art service with classification, extraction and validation from a single API. The guaranteed extraction accuracy of >98% for line items speaks for itself. With zero post-processing option, you can drastically reduce your operational costs while launching new automation initiatives.

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