Parashift recognized as key player in the Zinnov Zones Platforms Intelligent Automation (IA) H1 2024

Parashift is proud to announce its recognition by Zinnov Zones for Intelligent Document Processing in H1 2024. This acknowledgment highlights Parashift’s cutting-edge technology and leadership in the rapidly evolving field of Intelligent Automation.

Zinnov Zones is renowned for its exhaustive and comprehensive assessment of automation platforms. As the industry’s first and most thorough evaluation exercise, the Zinnov Zones for Intelligent Automation (IA) Platforms assesses how well-equipped these platforms are to meet the growing demands for automation across enterprises.

This year, Zinnov meticulously analyzed over 140 automation platforms and specialist vendors, identifying key players and visionaries based on their technical prowess and operational scale.

The evaluation encompassed eight crucial categories within the automation lifecycle, including:

  • Intelligent Automation (IA) Platforms
  • Process Intelligence
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Low Code Application Development
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents
  • Automation Orchestration
  • Intelligent Content Generation Platforms

Parashift’s inclusion in the Intelligent Document Processing category underscores its capabilities and innovations in automating complex document processing tasks. The recognition reflects Parashift’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art IDP solution that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and scalability for businesses worldwide.

Comprehensive evaluation methodology

Zinnov’s methodology for classifying vendors is robust and multi-faceted. The assessment process includes:

  1. Companies are invited to provide detailed information about themselves.
  2. Platforms are scrutinized on the basis of the information submitted and in-depth interviews with industry experts and stakeholders.
  3. Zinnov’s team of analysts assigns scores to each company in different categories, reflecting their performance and activities in the field of automation.

Looking ahead

As enterprises continue to seek advanced automation solutions, Parashift is well-positioned to lead the charge in Intelligent Document Processing. This recognition by Zinnov Zones is a testament to Parashift’s excellence and commitment to delivering top-tier IDP solution that meet the evolving needs of businesses globally.

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Parashift Intelligent Document Processing
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