8 unprecedented Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) features for mailroom automation in enterprises

The mailroom automation is essential for enterprises and their process optimization. However, not only traditional OCR solutions but also modern Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions perform inadequately as soon as hundreds of complex documents have to be processed in the mailroom of large enterprises.

When it comes to evaluating different IDP solutions for mailroom automation at companies and comparing them to internal, existing applications, there are a few features that analysts and project managers at large enterprises can look out for. 8 unprecedented features of the Parashift IDP platform.

8 unique features of the Parashift IDP platform useful for mailroom automation

  • Feature #1: Global cloud platform
  • Feature #2: No-code configurations
  • Feature #3: Data-Network for AI
  • Feature #4: Fantastic UI
  • Feature #5: Continuous learning
  • Feature #6: Start agile and expand
  • Feature #7: Hundreds of out-of-the-box solutions
  • Feature #8: Few hours to new process

Feature #1: Global cloud platform

Modern software solutions are running less and less on-premises and more and more in the cloud. Maintenance costs are eliminated. In addition, the cloud infrastructure is the most reliable medium to scale the IDP solution easily and quickly – a huge plus for automating the incoming mail of large enterprises.

Feature #2: No-code configurations

Instead of low-code, the name of the game is no-code. Making adjustments to document types or creating individual document types yourself? No problem thanks to the no-code principle and the high abstraction of actually highly complex AI technologies. And very handy for quickly configuring new document types in the mailroom.

Feature #3: Data-Network for AI

Swarm Learning technology creates a global data network for AI. This maximizes insights and training data on the IDP platform in a way never seen before.

Feature #4: Fantastic UI

A cluttered user interface is so yesterday. A fantastic UI on the other hand, has a big impact on the mood of the daily user, especially in a business context.

Feature #5: Continuous learning

Autonomous machine learning clusters make continuous learning possible on billions of data points and across all customers. Learning on the job continuously improves the IDP solution, which is critical for automating hundreds of different documents in the mailroom of large enterprises.

Feature #6: Start agile and expand

Start small and expand as you go: that’s also easy with the Parashift IDP platform.

Feature #7: Hundreds of out-of-the-box solutions

From a single, centralized solution, large enterprises can extract hundreds of document types. Perfect for automating the entire mailroom.

Feature #8: Few hours to new process

Instead of days or even weeks of projects, to a new process in just a few hours: critical to ensure operational efficiency in large enterprises.

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