Intelligent Document Processing Podcast – Episode #12: Roger Egli, Solution Owner Input Management at Arcplace

What are the keys to successfully implementing AI solutions in input management?

We’ll discuss that in this twelfth episode of the Intelligent Document Processing podcast! 🙂

Thilo Rossa, Chief Product Officer at Parashift, interviewed Roger Egli, Solution Owner Input Management, about Arcplace‘s transition to a unified back-end system in their input management and gradually enhancing it with AI capabilities.

Swiss company Arcplace AG is a specialized IT service provider in the information management and archiving industry. Arcplace’s portfolio includes solutions for the scanning, management and archiving of documents as well as the protection and archiving of data. By combining the latest technologies with innovative service models like Managed Services, Cloud Services or Business Process Outsourcing, Arcplace can provide optimal solutions for companies of any size.

To get to the heart of the matter, we have divided the exchange into four main parts. Feel free to click on each of them to get directly to the information you are interested in ☺

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Part 1: 

In the first part, Roger Egli introduces himself, his role, and his mission within Arcplace.

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Part 2:

This second part discusses the importance of having a unified, standardized and modern back-end solution for input management processes. It also takes a look at what it takes to get from a highly diverse solution landscape to a more standardized approach, and its benefits.

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Part 3: 

How to use AI solutions in Input Management to achieve Automation?

According to Roger Egli, implementing AI technologies to accelerate processes and meet customer requirements is essential. The better and more efficient the document input management is at the start of any process, the more information one extracts, the easier downstream processes get to automate workflows.

Front-end input management is the first step in the process, the first life cycle of the document, and it is significant!

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Part 4

In this fourth part, he explains why they chose to work with Parashift to achieve their automation goal. Arcplace have always an open eye on the market of new technology and tends to collaborate with startups which offer promising AI solutions. Indeed, the demand for back scanning and processing of incoming mail and invoices has been growing steadily, and the projects have become bigger and bigger. By collaborating with Parashift for the past year, Arcplace can now reach better results in matching the OCR values with masterdata and increased the quality of classify documents. Finally, they deliver to the customer a finished document that optimally supports their workflow in record time and with little effort. Relying on DocProStar as the workflow engine which helps orchestrate the entire process, Arcplace connects to the REST API of Parashift, which provides classification and extraction.

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To understand in more detail each theme discussed in this podcast, I invite you to watch the entire video (with the video is always better, but listening to a podcast while driving is not bad as well 😊) 

Thanks to Roger Egli for sharing his experiences and ideas on the subject.  

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