Digital Mailroom Automation: Enterprises finally take a major step towards hyperautomation

When executives of large enterprises look at their current mailroom, they usually encounter the same problem: due to hundreds of small-volume and complex document types, mailroom automation has not been mastered yet. This means a bottleneck of essential documents as soon as they arrive, which completely destroys the agility of large enterprises.

By integrating an innovative document processing solution such as Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), leading enterprises are finally automating their mailroom end-to-end. And they can do it without having to replace existing business applications. IDP brings operational efficiency back into large enterprises. So executives are finally a big step closer to the goal of hyperautomation.

Mailroom automation in enterprises: Status quo

As briefly touched on in the intro, a key factor for bottlenecks in large enterprises can be traced back to the way the mailroom is handled today. The status quo can be divided into two main problems:

1. Enterprises have only integrated automation solutions for high-volume document types.
2. Enterprises, however, still have to process hundreds of other, low-volume document types in the mailroom. This means an immense manual effort, since exactly these document types make up the majority of incoming mail.

AI-based Intelligent Document Processing for the mailroom in enterprises

The solution for mailroom automation in large enterprises is based on advanced AI technologies. In combination, this results in potent Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). In the figure, the direct comparison shows the big difference of the process from the manual mailroom versus the automated one through IDP.

Leading enterprises use Parashift to classify and read all types of documents and thus automate the mailroom.

IDP brings back agility to large enterprises. At the same time, mailroom automation reduces turnaround times and massively saves costs that previously had to be spent on manual processing of incoming mail by employees.

No-code app for configuring individual document types

The ability to quickly customize document types remains essential for large enterprises. With the Parashift IDP platform, this works flawlessly: thanks to the no-code app and out-of-the-box functions, configuring new, individual document types is child’s play. Without the need for IT professionals, let alone complex and expensive integrations. This will change the mailroom of large companies in a goal-oriented way in the future.

Swarm Learning Technology for global learning across all document types and customers.


  • With Intelligent Document Processing, hundreds of low-volume document types can be processed in an automated manner.
  • Intelligent Document Processing brings back agility and drives hyperautomation in large enterprises.
  • Intelligent Document Processing provides significant cost savings for large enterprises.

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