Intelligent Document Processing

and hundreds of other business documents using AI

Parashift helps organizations to minimize the time spent manually processing all documents across all use cases by continuously learning from all data processed.

Intelligent Document Processing

Companies of all sizes relay on us

15x faster time to solution

Parashift comes with hundreds of ready-to-use document types. New document use-cases can be configured by yourself within minutes. Start instantly. 

50% better accuracy results

Start with highest accuracy right from the first document – even on individual use-cases. Reduce your validation efforts to the minimum possible. See how we calculate.

Excellent for invoices, but not limited to them

Parashift doesn’t limit your Intelligent Document Processing journey to invoices. It’s built for all documents in all processes.

Parashift Comparison

The first platform for Intelligent Document Processing that continuously learns from all the documents it processes

Parashift is built on proprietary Document Swarm Learning® technology that maximizes continuous AI-based learning across all use cases and customers in a fully GDPR-compliant way. While other solutions need to learn from hundreds of your documents, Parashift has already learned from millions. Before you even start using it.
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Reduce the time your teams spend sorting and processing documents

Parashift adds Intelligent Document Processing to existing business applications, workflows, and document management systems.

  • No need to replace your proven business applications.
  • Start with one use-case - and add more step-by-step yourself
  • Configure use-cases over the modern and intuitive user interface
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Automate all your document processes chevron_right

Get rid of document-type restrictions and set up hundreds of document automation cases in your existing processes. Go “full-send” on document automation in your company.  

Radically reduce time to solution chevron_right

Reach production in hours, not weeks. Enable pre-built default use cases with just one click and configure your very own use cases without the help of an expert. Parashift users set up use cases 15 times faster. 

Automate document sorting & separation chevron_right

Automatically categorize your documents to bypass manual sorting. Use intelligent separation to cut batches of documents into single documents with minimized manual intervention. 

Auto-improving capture accuracy chevron_right

Never ask for or wait for a new data capture template again. Parashift continuously learns from all documents processed on the platform – regardless of customers or use cases – and uses this aggregated learning to improve data capture accuracy in a fully automated way.    

Streamline validation work chevron_right

Minimize validation effort with the most advanced user interface for validation. Based on predictions on the quality of the results, Parashift sends documents directly to output or presents them to an operator for review. Works for all types of documents and fields. 

Integrate easily chevron_right

Integrate with all your business applications and processes through Parashifts well documented and open API or ready-made integrations to workflow-, DMS-, ERP- and RPA-solutions. 

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Software Developers and ISVs

Software developers integrate the versatile Parashift OCR API instead of wasting time onto a hard to solve OCR problems.


Scale and adapt Deep-OCR APIs to your needs yourself

Conventional OCR-APIs are rigid, hard to customize and need endless training. Parashift allows to easily create use-cases and integrate continuous learning.


Cover hundreds of use-cases in one single API

Streamline use-case integration by using just one API for all your use-cases. Use webhooks to stay on top of processes and interactions.


Integrate learning data from your application

Send back learning data through the Parashift feedback API which allows to improve data-capture-accuracy continuously.

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Why Parashift?

Easy-to-use and secure SaaS solution

Tired of high licensing and deployment costs? Time for Parashift. Simply pay based on document volume.

Out-of-the-box functionalities

Parashift is all about rapid feature reusability. That’s why you can use 200+ of document types out-of-the-box. No setup, no touching.

Every document, every language, every process

Capitalize on your investment by adding new use cases at marginal cost. Integrate once – use endlessly.

Next-level AI: Document Swarm Learning®

Our machine learning algorithms train on billions of data points across all customers. Learning is shared, so you won’t waste your time setting up and training models.


Enabler for your service-oriented architecture

Parashift integrates easily and seamlessly into your existing application landscape. The result: applications can suddenly work with documents much faster and with less effort.

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High security standards and EU-GDPR compliant

World-renowned brands process highly sensitive personal and corporate data with Parashift. The platform is built with privacy and security as design requirements and runs on ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27110, ISO27018, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS, CSA STAR, and HIPAA-compliant data centers.
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