Intelligent Document Processing

Capture data from all your documents using one universal Intelligent Document Processing platform

Parashift’s AI OCR: A fundamentally better approach to solve all your Intelligent Document Processing needs. Make an end to manual data entry.

Intelligent Document Processing


Work with Parashift and get more business and deliver better solutions for your customers.

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Software vendors

Use Parashift to easily read and integrate document data where customers manually enter it today.

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Usse a universal Intelligent Document Processing solution to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Mid-sized companies

Use Parashift to automate your specific use case in a very short time at a very low cost.

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100+ global customers trust Parashift

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Leading global companies choose Parashift.

Use Intelligent Document Processing to extract all your documents

Super-fast Go-Live

Pre-configured and pre-trained document types let you extract data from documents with a user friendly out-of-the-box solution.

Extract ANY document

Use tailor-made extractors to quickly select the data you need to extract from specific documents.

Capture 100% of data

Tired of verifying OCR results? Parashift provides you with optional fully validated data, saving you time and resources.

Machine reading of data from documents must become a commodity. Learn about our long-term mission to solve Intelligent Document Processing globally.

Where we can help you

We cover all topics around classification, extraction, and data structuring. No more and no less.

Parashift AI OCR Value Chain

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Empower your service-oriented architecture

We believe the days of monoliths are over. As a child of service-oriented architecture, Parashift integrates easily and seamlessly into your existing application landscape. As a result, applications are suddenly able to work with documents much faster.

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Capture data from any document, in any language, and format and automate any workflow

The Parashift Platform powers document data automation for banks, insurance and logistic companies, public institutions, telecoms, retailers and other future-oriented businesses.

  • Finally an easy-to-use and low-cost IDP solution
  • Built to maximize ROI even with the smallest amounts of documents
  • Reducing operational costs by up to 90% in the first week
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AI-powered cloud platform chevron_right

Parashift Platform comes cloud-first and uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to enable flexibility and best-in-class extraction performance.

Forget about tedious templating chevron_right

We offer an intelligent, out-of-the-box document processing solution without any templates, configuration or training. Even for special and individual document types, templates set-up is not required.

Capture data immediately chevron_right

Parashift’s long-term goal is to achieve autonomous document extraction. To get there, we provide an ever-increasing selection of production-ready document types from various industries that empower you to extract relevant data — from day one.

Set up custom document types in minutes chevron_right

Thanks to global large-scale swarm learning, you can easily and quickly set up new and specialized document types using tailor-made and pre-trained extractors. No special knowledge is required. You can even automate processing low-volume documents efficiently and economically.

Optional human validation chevron_right

Receive fully validated data, dramatically reduce costs and free up time for your staff to focus on value-added tasks.

Fully GDPR compliant chevron_right

Strict confidentiality and customer data protection from unauthorized access is our highest priority. Rest assured that all data sent to and processed by Parashift is protected in accordance with the latest standards in IT security.

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Why Parashift?

Easy to use and secure SaaS

Tired of high license and commitment costs? Time for Parashift. Just pay as you go on a document volume basis.

Out-of-the-box capabilities

Parashift is all geared to the rapid reusability of capabilities. This is why you can use dozens of document types out-of-the-box. No set-up, no touch.

Any document, any language, any process

Leverage the investment you make by adding new use cases at marginal cost. Integrate once – use endlessly.

Leveraged AI trainings

Our machine learning algorithms train on billions of data points over all clients. Learning is shared, which is why you will not waste your time setting up and training models.

Swarm Learning

An autonomous machine learning cluster for documents

Our platform is built on the Parashift Document Swarm Learning™ cluster. A system designed to leverage any learning that could be gathered from the interactions made. It automates all retraining, statistical learning, and most engineering work. And we have only just begun.
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Secure and compliant

We embrace EU-GDPR and come with a number of certifications needed to run critical infrastructure. Headquartered in Switzerland, in the middle of Europe, compliance and data security are at the core of what we do.
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