Parashift welcomes a new technology partner: JobRouter! 

Sissach,  27.06.24 – Parashift, a leading developer of machine learning-based document classification and data extraction software, announces its partnership with JobRouter, a renowned provider of digital process automation solutions. This strategic collaboration aims to combine the strengths of both companies to deliver cutting-edge Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities to a broader audience. 

Axel Ensinger, Co-CEO of JobRouter AG, comments on the collaboration as follows: “In general, solutions for digitalizing the workplace need to be ready for use faster and easier for the end user. At the same time, the focus should be on seamless data exchange between software to enable end-to-end automated processes. With our low-code approach, flexible interfaces, and cloud availability, we are continuously working towards this goal. In Parashift, we have found a partner who shares and promotes these quality standards. We expect this collaboration to significantly improve our document workflows.”

Parashift’s innovative IDP technology  
Parashift IDP Platform redefines document processing by leveraging advanced AI models to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency. By accurately extracting data from various document types, including invoices, contracts, and forms, Parashift streamlines workflows, minimizes manual efforts, and enhances operational efficiency. 

Collaborative vision 

The partnership between Parashift and JobRouter represents a fusion of top-tier technologies designed to elevate document automation processes.  

By integrating Parashift’s IDP technology into the JobRouter platform, users gain access to a wider range of features, enhancing productivity and accuracy. This collaboration focuses on simplifying document processing, allowing businesses to automate workflows more efficiently.  

Together, they offer seamless integration, reducing manual tasks and lowering operational costs. Leveraging Parashift’s AI capabilities and the JobRouter framework, this partnership aims to streamline document management processes and provide tailored solutions across industries. 

About JobRouter

JobRouter® is a powerful and flexible low-code digitalization platform. It helps companies to digitalize and automate any business process. Users benefit from excellent process automation, agile document management and efficient data management

Thanks to the flexible, modular and scalable technology, companies use the JobRouter® Digital Process Automation platform to customize and map their business processes. JobRouter® integrates seamlessly into existing system landscapes and extends them. It connects with existing systems to export, process, archive or pass on data and documents and to initiate new processes. 

Press Contact   

JobRouter AG  
Ivana Savanovic 
PR & Communications 

 Besselstrasse 26 
68219 Mannheim, Germany  
+49621 42646 245 

About Parashift 

Parashift AG, founded in 2018, is a deep-tech company focused on autonomizing document extraction through machine learning. Parashift is domiciled near Basel, in Switzerland, and employs about 40 people in machine learning, engineering, and development. Forbes named Parashift as one of 30 promising AI startups in Europe.  

Press/Marketing contact   

Emma Lebat  
Marketing Manager  

Hauptstrasse 134  
CH – 4450 Sissach  
Phone: +41 61 508 77 77  

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