Slide You send documents, we deliver structured data - no OCR verification necessary No manual typing. No checking or correcting of OCR results. Get perfect data right away and speed up your business processes. Explore Product Request a demo Parashift Platform


Capture data from your documents and get it back as a structured data stream.


Provide workflows with actionable data to increase straight-through processing (STP).


Build end-to-end automation faster and help your staff to get more stuff done.

The only OCR, not requiring value correction!

All OCR solutions, even though you want to automate document capture, require proofreading and post-processing by your staff. Good news: That’s over now!

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Leading global companies choose Parashift.

Use Intelligent Document Processing to extract all your documents

Super-fast Go-Live

Pre-configured and pre-trained document types let you extract data from documents with a user friendly out-of-the-box solution.

Extract ANY document

Use tailor-made extractors to quickly select the data you need to extract from specific documents.

Zero post-processing options

Tired of verifying OCR results? Parashift provides you with optional fully validated data, saving you time and resources.

Working with legacy OCR software is tedious. Join us in our mission to get document extraction DONE.

Capture data from documents and automate workflows

The Parashift Platform powers document data automation for banks, insurance and logistic companies, public institutions, telecoms, retailers and other future-oriented businesses.

  • Finally an easy-to-use and low-cost OCR solution
  • Built to improve business processes
  • Reducing operational costs by up to 80%
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AI-powered cloud platform chevron_right

Parashift Platform comes cloud-first and uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to enable flexibility and best-in-class extraction performance.

Forget about tedious templating chevron_right

We offer an intelligent, out-of-the-box document processing solution without any templates, configuration or training. Even for specialized and personalized document types, templates set-up is not required.

Ready-to-use doc type APIs chevron_right

Parashift’s long-term goal is to achieve autonomous document extraction. To get there, we provide an ever-increasing selection of production-ready document types from various industries that empower you to extract relevant data — from day one.

Configure new doc types in minutes chevron_right

Thanks to global large-scale swarm learning, you can easily and quickly set up new and specialized document types using tailor-made and pre-trained extractors. No special knowledge is required. You can even automate processing low-volume documents efficiently and economically.

Optional human validation chevron_right

Receive fully validated data, dramatically reduce costs and free up time for your staff to focus on value-added tasks.

Fully GDPR compliant chevron_right

Strict confidentiality and customer data protection from unauthorized access is our highest priority. Rest assured that all data sent to and processed by Parashift is protected in accordance with the latest standards in IT security.

A basic building block for your digital transformation

Business processes are built on document data. Parashift lets you classify, extract and structure this data at a super low cost.

Documents in, structured data out

You send documents to Parashift Platform via REST API. We use a combination of optional human work and review, smart tools, statistical confidence checks and machine learning to return accurate structured data in JSON format.

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AI platform that learns from every interaction

As your business grows, so does the amount of transactions and data you need to deal with. Parashift Platform uses continuous AI learning to improve extraction performance and make it easier to adapt to new extraction requirements.
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Improve process efficiency and organizational agility

Parashift allows you to instantly get rid of any manual data entry, significantly shorten processing times and save valuable resources. With our technology, you can expand automation initiatives, increase automation robustness and deploy your workforce to more value-added activities.

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Why using Parashift?

We are highly focused

We enable fast and easy document data classification and extraction. It’s what we focus on and optimize for, at every level in our product and organization.

Fastest-improving platform

We ship dozens of new features and hundreds of feature improvements each year, to help you realize your automation potential.

Battle-tested reliability

Parashift operates with 99.9%+ uptime, is highly scalable and redundant. Our infrastructure is certified to the highest compliance standards.

For large-scale automation

Our machine learning algorithms train on billions of data points and help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and create new opportunities.

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