the i-engineers uses Parashift IDP Platform to streamline Healthcare Document Management 

Sissach, 26.03.24 – Parashift, a provider of machine learning-based document classification and data extraction software, is pleased to announce its partnership with the i-engineers, a leading software solution provider for the healthcare sector. This new partnership designates the i-engineers as a Gold Partner of Parashift, with the collaboration set to improve document management processes within the healthcare industry. 

Parashift’s reputation for advancing Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) through continuous AI innovation complements the capabilities of the i-engineers’ health-engine® platform, a comprehensive digital platform that facilitates the digitization of hospital processes. This strategic alignment is expected to deliver substantial benefits to healthcare providers by facilitating improved document management and supporting broader digital processes. 

“Parashift’s solution enables Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) which is continuously improved by using AI technology. This complements our health-engine® solution, an Interoperability Platform with universal data storage and process automation to support even more digital processes, prevent media disruptions and to jointly create added value for our customers.” says Franz Obermayer, Head of Sales & Marketing at the i-engineers.  

Reflecting on the collaboration, Stefan Wagner, Head Partner Management at Parashift, expressed enthusiasm: “We are delighted to be strengthening our position in the healthcare sector through our collaboration with the i-engineers. The two solutions complement each other perfectly to generate great added value and efficiency gains for companies such as hospitals through process automation.”  

Through this collaboration, both Parashift and the i-engineers present a comprehensive solution that effectively tackles the challenges of document management in healthcare. The integration of Parashift’s sophisticated machine learning-based document processing with the health-engine® platform from the i-engineers promises to broaden digital process support, minimize disruptions in digital workflows, and offer significant value to healthcare providers.  


About the i-engineers 

Founded in 2002 in Switzerland, the i-engineers has established itself as a leading provider of software solutions for the healthcare sector. Its flagship product, the health-engine®, is a comprehensive digital platform that facilitates the digitization of hospital processes. With over 40 modular solutions, the platform supports clinical data management, interoperability, and workflow optimization, serving more than 300 clinics and 100,000 users globally.  

The i-engineers prides itself on its agile and customer-focused approach, consistently achieving high marks in customer satisfaction. Its team of specialists works across offices in Zurich, Münster and Munich, focusing on scalable and flexible solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of healthcare facilities.  

By prioritizing innovation, expertise, and customer satisfaction, the i-engineers continues to drive forward the digitization of healthcare, helping clinics improve efficiency, reduce errors, and deliver better patient care.

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