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Episode #20: Andre Bieler, Chief Research & Innovation Officer at Parashift

Alain Veuve and Andre Bieler, Chief Research & Innovation Officer at Parashift, discuss the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing popularity.

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Episode #19: Maud Vonlanthen, Head of Marketing and Communication at IMTF

In this episode, Emma Lebat and Maud Vonlanthen discuss about the role of marketing in the digital transformation of companies.

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Episode #18: Edy Portmann, Swiss Post Professor at the University of Fribourg

Throughout this episode, Alain Veuve and Edy Portmann will address the ethical questions posed by the use of AI, its limits and its future.

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Episode #17: John Häfelfinger, CEO of BLKB

The following podcast episode features Alain Veuve interviewing BLKB’s CEO, John Häfelfinger, to discuss the changes banks are undergoing and how he is dealing with them.

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Episode #16: Borisav Parmakovic, CEO and founder of Digicust

Thilo Rossa, Head of Product at Parashift, sat down with Borisav Parmakovic, who has developed with his company Digicust, an end-to-end solution to end the customs document processing headache!

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Episode #15: Alexander Sanders, CTO of TONI Digital

This episode is about digital transformation in the insurance industry.We asked TONI Digital’s CTO, Alexander Sanders, to share his experiences as he helps companies implement and deliver insurance solutions daily to their customers.

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IDP Podcast Rik Krieger

Episode #14: Rik Krieger, Co-founder of HOPR

Are you a startup man/woman? How to transform your crazy ideas into success stories? Alain Veuve, our CEO, and Rik Krieger, Co-founder of HOPR share their experiences and their thoughts on this topic.

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IDP Podcast: Andre Bieler

Episode #13: Andre Bieler, Chief Research and Innovation Officer of Parashift

What is Machine Learning? Andre Bieler, our Chief Research and Innovation Officer and Mattia Rüfenacht, Head of Business Development Team, will help you to answer this big question. 

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Episode #12: Thierry Kneissler, Co-founder and Ex-CEO of TWINT

Thierry Kneissler, Co-founder and ex-CEO of TWINT shares the behind-the-scenes story of the TWINT success and opens our eyes to the opportunities in the banking world regarding digital transformation.

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Episode #11: Roger Egli, Solution Owner Input Management at Arcplace

Thilo Rossa, CPO at Parashift, interviewed Roger Egli, Solution Owner Input Management, about Arcplace’s transition to a unified back-end system and gradually enhancing it with AI capabilities.

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Episode #10: Andy Maier, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of AXA

Alain Veuve, CEO of Parashift, interviewed Andy Maier, CIO of AXA on the great question of the Digital Transformation of companies and the importance of cloud solutions for the process.

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Episode #9: Miro Hegnauer, Founder and CEO of Konova AG

Miro Hegnauer, founder and CEO of Konova will give us insights into the role of Civic Tech players, their advantages and limitations in the digitalization of administrative processes.

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Episode #8: Bobby Leu, COO at SELISE, Digital Business & IT

During this 25 minutes exchange, Bobby Leu and Alain Veuve will provide insights into how artificial intelligence and other technologies have revolutionised the business world.

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Episode #7: Christophe Makni, Internal Managing Consultant at Basler Kantonalbank

Alain Veuve and Christophe Makni discussed the digital transformation of banks in general and the use of IDP as an innovative tool to remain competitive and adapt to new customer demands.

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Episode #6: Stéphane Journot, CEO of Addmin

Alain Veuve has talked with Stéphane Journot, CEO of Addmin, about the collaboration between the two companies and the way they push the digitalisation of companies to the next level.

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Episode #5: Stefan Hermann, CEO of PEAX

Alain Veuve has welcomed Stefan Hermann, CEO of PEAX, to find out how this digital mailbox is revolutionising the way businesses and individuals manage and process their incoming mail.

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Episode #4: Thilo Rossa, Chief Product Officer at Parashift

Alain Veuve had a talk with Thilo Rossa, the Product Manager at Parashift, about the company’s history. The who men explained how Parashift is propelled to a higher level of innovation by their teams.

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Episode #3: Fabian Seimer, Partner & Head Information Management at Inacta

Fabian Seimer, Partner and Head Information Management of Inacta AG, has been invited to talk about companies’ progressive use of Intelligent Document Processing in the insurance and health sectors.

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Episode #2: Urs Kälin, Managing Director at simplyfile

For this second interview, Alain Veuve has welcomed another partner of ours in Sissach; Urs Kälin, Managing Director at simplyfile. They exchanged views on the current vision of their company and the future.

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Episode #1: Aleksandar Milosevic, CEO of 3ap

For the first interview, our CEO Alain Veuve, has welcomed one of our partners at Parashift’s office, Aleksandar Milosevic, CEO of 3ap. They exchanged views on the current vision of their company and the future.

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