Intelligent Document Processing Podcast – Episode #20, Maud Vonlanthen, Head of Marketing at IMTF

Welcome to a new episode of the IDP podcast. Today we present a new discussion between Emma Lebat, Marketing manager at Parashift and Maud Vonlanthen, Head of Marketing and Communication at IMTF, about the role of marketing in the digital transformation of companies.

We have divided the exchange into six parts. Feel free to click on each to get directly to the information you are interested in. 

Who is Maud Vonlanthen?

Maud (imtf)

Discover the career of this woman who is passionate about marketing and who has made it her job for over 15 years. 

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The job of marketing manager in AI VS other companies 

Maud and Emma both agree that the basics of marketing remain the same, regardless of the company and its industry. Indeed, when it comes to marketing, the main goal is to promote the company and its products and generate leads.

At this moment on the lead journey, the potentially interested people are not ready to buy. To be a marketing manager is to know how to create a need for the solutions that your company provides. It doesn’t matter what sector. 

Whenever a lead is ready to purchase a solution like this, he/she must immediately think of your company to fulfill his/her needs. This never changes, but what differs between AI companies and others, is how marketing managers present these solutions. The way to create interest is different, probably because AI solutions are quite new. 

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How digital transformation has changed the way we do marketing? 

The heart of marketing increasingly revolves around data. Data allows marketing managers to better understand their audiences and to create the need that most closely aligns with the market needs. 

Since some years, marketing managers have to use more and more increasingly powerful tools integrating the logic of artificial intelligence. These tools able them to better understand the data, and to bring out the right insights. 

The case of Startbucks will be discussed. 

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How do we market the digital transformation? 

When we talk about digital transformation, we are talking about a phenomenon in constant motion. There are always new and powerful solutions to drive a successful digital transformation. 

As a marketing manager working in a AI company, the role is not only to bring these cutting-edge solutions to light but also to accompany companies in the process, to help them to integrate and understand the technologies behind, the benefits in terms of time, costs, productivity but also the limits.

Today, companies that have not yet incorporated a digital transformation logic must be pushed to do so, as they might be at risk of being left behind. Making the digital transition is no longer a need but a necessity. 

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What the crisis of coronavirus has changed in marketing? 

As for all companies in all sectors, and even in 2023, employees do not come to the office as often and many continue to work from home. 

The way of doing marketing has therefore inevitably evolved and online events have started to grow. For a period of almost two years, many companies had no choice but to organize online events. 

This has its advantages and disadvantages with for example a significant decrease in engagement but an expansion of the target beyond the borders. 

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How digital technologies are shaping the future of marketing? 

With the massive digital transformation that we have been experiencing for the past few years, many AI solutions have been developed to push performance to the extreme.

In 2023, new powerful solutions have been developed and are proving to be very beneficial for marketing managers. 

The Chat GPT is part of the revolution! It is revolutionizing the marketing manager job for the best or maybe for the worse… 

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Thanks to Maud Vonlanthen for sharing her experiences and ideas on the subject. Find the audio podcast now on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Deezer.

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Our scalable and modular software platform offers a comprehensive portfolio of modules, including client lifecycle management, KYC, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering tools, as well as software and services covering a wide range of other regulatory use cases. These solutions allow organisations to quickly adapt to regulatory changes, capitalise on new opportunities and break down old barriers. 

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