Intelligent Document Processing for your ELO

ELO brings order and structure to your company information. For process and case management, storage, and archiving of documents, this is the be-all and end-all. However, capturing documents is confusing and time-consuming, which means that companies can often only automate workflows to a limited extent and only benefit minimally from the actually immense potential of the existing data. Much more could be achieved by capturing data accurately as it is received. Due to the high variation, documents require intelligent handling, which is made possible with the following combination: The intelligent touch for document capture is contributed by Parashift, and the interface to it is built into your ELO by ProCRM. This way, data can be cleverly used and leveraged for automated and optimized business processes.

The combination – ELO, the interface from ProCRM and the intelligent document capture from Parashift – makes the difference

The interface for classification and extraction

ELO generates a lot of rock-solid value for businesses, including easy access and search of documents. Before that, however, when documents enter ELO from a file repository and rely on the manual interaction of an employee, it’s anything but efficient. Information retrieval is labor-intensive and time-consuming, and truly automated workflows are almost impossible. In addition, much of the data that is actually available remains unused. For clean downstream process steps, accurate capture at document receipt is a must. This is where the interface to Parashift comes in handy.

The path is clear: The better you handle the receipt and capture of documents, the simpler all downstream processes will be

Parashift classifies and extracts

Thanks to the interface built by ProCRM into your ELO, in the future, Parashift will take care of the classification and extraction of all incoming documents. This allows you to enrich them with accurate metadata in your ELO. Advanced AI technologies and machine learning-based OCR (Optical Character Recognition) make short work of even complex and unstructured documents. Documents are received in ELO as usual. Parashift captures all documents from your ELO via the ProCRM interface. The intelligent, machine learning-based OCR automatically classifies and extracts these documents and feeds them back into your ELO, again via the interface.

What kind of document is it and who is it addressed to – Parashift finds out everything – the document automatically ends up in the right place in your ELO

New, automated, and optimized processes possible

The combination of ELO, ProCRM’s interface and Parashift’s intelligent document capture and processing enables new and optimized business processes, including the following:

  • Decentralized inbox processing
  • Company-wide, departmental, and team-specific document storage
  • Creation of automated workflows for further processing of data

In the following, we will go into more detail about the individual processes.

State of the art document capture and extraction for your ELO

Decentralized inbox processing

Automating inbox processing is a high priority for many companies. Automatic classification and extraction of metadata identifies who the document is addressed to, what the document type is, and so on and so forth. Accordingly, it can be pushed to the right inbox and ends up with the responsible employee or in the correct process. Incoming mail processing is decentralized because documents can be fed in from a wide variety of sources and branches without any problems.

Company-wide, department, and team-specific storage of documents

With automatic classification and extraction of metadata, verification by employees is completely eliminated, and accurate filing is enormously simplified and once again greatly optimized. This includes archiving and case management. File references can simply be extracted and automatically assigned to the appropriate file.

Automated workflows for further data processing

Consequently, all automated workflows for the further processing of data benefit from significantly more intelligence. For all classic processes such as incoming invoice processing, expense reports, vacation requests, and many more, the automatic classification and extraction of metadata enable a giant leap to completely automated workflows.

The exact capture, classification and extraction of documents brings numerous advantages for your company

Fundamental competitive advantages for companies

The combination of ELO, interface from ProCRM and intelligent document processing from Parashift can create fundamental competitive advantages for companies:

  • Downstream digital processes are empowered with more intelligence through AI technologies
  • Powerful document capture and extraction leverages the potential from data and unlocks new data sources
  • Manual interactions and work processes are a thing of the past
  • Easily configurable and quickly deployable
  • Automated and optimized business processes through the data made available

With Parashift and intelligent document processing, you can tap into all the benefits of the digital world

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