Intelligent Document Processing Podcast – Episode #7: Stéphane Journot, CEO of Addmin

Welcome to IDP podcasts episode #7. For this interview, Alain Veuve, CEO of Parashift, has welcomed Stéphane Journot, CEO of Addmin.

The two exchanged views on the current vision of their company and the future.

Who is Stéphane Journot?

Stephane Journot is the co-founder and director of Addmin. This digitalization enthusiast created two years ago, a mobile application that centralizes all the paperwork we accumulate day after day.

The idea was to create an application that would be as accessible to companies as to individuals, while respecting all the security and confidentiality rules that we know today.

“Originally, we ideated addmin with the simple fact of understanding that the existing solutions as Dropbox, Google Drive, and the likes, were not as powerful as what technologies could bring today, in terms of capture but not only, also data that you can use to organize and classify your documents.”

Stéphane Journot

What about Addmin?

Document management platforms and other tools that use the power of artificial intelligence are often reserved for large companies. With its intuitive, powerful and accessible application, Addmin has made this service available to small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.

This all-in-one application simplifies the digital management of all documents and allows to scan, import pdf’s, set reminders etc.

“Let’s take an example: You buy the new Dyson for 1000$. It is super expensive. You get the guarantee. After 16 or 18 months, it generally breaks. And obviously, you lost the guarantee. There are some papers like these that you are always missing. So, our app is about centralizing the information and the data and making sure you have access to them all the time.”

Stéphane Journot

What about the future?

“We are currently reaching that product-market fit with the B2B. We also have a strong sort of open SAS and API-based vision, which we have been sort of building up for the past six months.”

Stéphane Journot

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