Introduction to Ela Skirlo, our quality assurance engineer at Parashift

Hello dear Ela, nice to talk to you and nice to have you on board at Parashift. To start off, tell us a bit about yourself, what the reasons are that brought you to Parashift and what you do here.

I like to participate in projects that make sense and can change or improve things. I think I’m also a person who likes challenges, who will try new things even if they seem difficult.

When I read about Parashift, I immediately felt that this company was perfect for me. I read about a product that seemed like a very interesting and super helpful solution, and the job posting was very fun.

Long story short, I joined a team as a quality assurance engineer. My job is to make sure the product works correctly and is easy to use. But I also help with customer support.

What would you say is your superpower?

I’m not sure if I have any. 🙂 But if I have to come up with something, I would say breaking things, which is kind of helpful in my job. 🙂

But joking aside, I think my superpower may be that I constantly step out of my comfort zone, even when I’m totally scared. Another one is that I can make the best pierogi. 🙂

What’s currently the most challenging problem you’re working on and why?

We are working on our public release of the Parashift Platform right now. My super cool dev team is adding a lot of new features and functionalities and my job is to test them, sometimes it’s hard to get organized when so many things are happening at once, but as I said, I like challenges, they make me feel alive. 🙂

Let’s zoom out a bit and imagine that you could swap jobs with anyone else within Parashift, whose job would you want?

Oh, it’s hard to say, I really like my role. But I think the machine learning work is very interesting, so I would probably swap with someone from the machine learning team.

Alright. Then let’s get to a question I personally like a lot. What does a paradigm shift mean to you, and why did you decide to join a crazy bunch and contribute to one yourself?

A paradigm shift is essential, and I believe Parashift can be a game-changer for many businesses and people. I am a fan of solutions that can make life and everyday activities easier. Very often, such solutions require a big shift in thinking and approach. So I always admire people who can come up with such great ideas and I am very excited when I can be part of a team that works on such a vision and help manifest a paradigm shift.

How do you envision the next five years for Parashift?

I believe that our product will get better and better and that Parashift will grow significantly as a result and become a recognizable company. One of our favorite ideas is that one day we will be able to build a new office with a place for indoor climbing. Let’s see if we can make that a reality so soon.

In case some of our readers are looking for inspiring book or podcast recommendations… What would you recommend and why?

I like to learn things about people or nature. One of the books that helped me to look at working with people from other cultures from a different perspective and to deal with the situation that we grew up in the different cultures is the book “The Culture Map” by Erin Meyer.

Wonderful. Thank you so much Ela for taking the time and sharing!

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