Introduction to Itaru Yasumura, our Junior Customer Success Manager at Parashift AG

Hello Itaru, it’s a pleasure to talk to you today. I would like to ask you some questions to learn more about you. Let’s start at the very beginning: Tell us, who are you anyway and what is your role at Parashift AG?

I’m Itaru Yasumura. I’m from Japan and I relocated to Switzerland 2 years ago to be with my Swiss wife and now I’m working as a Junior Customer Success Manager at Parashift AG.

Wow, that’s a beautiful token of love! If you had to choose between these two phrases, which one would suit you best? “Do what you do best and be the expert at it” or “Try, fail, improve, succeed”.

Try, fail, improve, succeed.

Perfect for a startup then! Because at young companies like Parashift AG, we need people who aren’t afraid to make mistakes and who are determined to succeed, making numerous iterations to do so. Can you briefly explain how you came to Parashift AG and what your role is here?

I found the job offer on a platform and I checked the website and all videos on the Youtube channel of Parashift. And I realized I really wanted to work in Parashift AG because I had great difficulty dealing with documents in my old job in Japan.

And luckily, I’m now Junior Customer Success Manager at Parashift.

What do you like so much about your job? What is your primary motivation?

Every day, I have challenging tasks and chances to grow with the support from my team members at Parashift AG. I love it.

You arrived a few weeks ago, and I’d like to get your first impression of the company and the team ???? as well as your vision for the company’s future for the next five years.

Flat hierarchy, international, problem-solving-centric mind, and great co-workers.

When it comes to the company’s future, it’s hard to say because I’m here only a few weeks. But I feel the company is growing substantially now and there is so much potential for further growth.   

What is the challenge that captivates you the most in Artificial Intelligence?

It’s hard to answer and I’m not sure if I answer the questions right, but what I like about AI is that there is potential to bring humans to the next level. But it could also help to understand people’s thought processes better.

I personally feel there is not really a right answer since everyone appreciates Artificial Intelligence in their own way ???? but I agree with you. I too think it helps to understand humans’ thinking better.

Do you have any books, movies, or podcasts that you would like to share with us that reflect your vision of life, work, or otherwise?

Gattaca“. It’s a science fiction film and it reminds me of the importance of rethinking my limit and challenging it.

New movie recommendation. Great! I also love movies that make us think about our ways of thinking, living, or working. Thank you so much for taking the time and talking with me today Itaru! I wish you lots of success at Parashift AG!

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