Introduction to Pascal Weber, one of our frontend developers for the Parashift Platform

After working hard on our core product, the Parashift Platform, over the last few months, which brings us a big step closer to autonomous document processing, we are now on the verge of the official release. But this release is actually just the beginning. There is still a lot to do! In this context, we are currently expanding our team significantly. So if you are looking for a new professional challenge or know someone who is, feel free to drop by here. But now back to the actual topic. The introduction of one of our newest employees – Pascal Weber.

Hi Pascal, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, what made you join Parashift and what you are doing here.

I work as a frontend developer and joined Parashift this month (February 2021). I’ve heard some good things about the company, especially the vision and how the mindset of the people, no matter what age, seems to have stayed young, fresh, and open. I’m looking forward to helping shape the future and making a lasting impact with such cool people with the Parashift platform.

What’s your superpower?

I’m a bit of a mess sometimes and it’s likely that I leave my stuff somewhere. What’s so special about that? Well, when that happens, people and I have stopped worrying because those things usually always find their way back to me.

What’s currently the most challenging problem you’re working on about the Parashift Platform and why?

I am currently working on the dashboard for our document reports. This should allow users to quickly get an overview of the most important statistics for all the documents they manage. The challenge here is to map/transform/convert all this report data.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within Parashift, whose job would you want?

I like my position, not sure I would want to trade places with anyone. 🙂

What does a paradigm shift mean to you and why did you decide to join a crazy bunch and contribute to one yourself?

I like working on something that has a purpose. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a place working on something you don’t really like, for people you don’t care about, and still not being able to contribute with your ideas.

How do you envision the next five years for Parashift Platform?

If everything goes as planned and demand continues to grow, as it is now, Parashift will be in a very different situation than we are today. The road to achieving this goal will be challenging and fun, and certainly not linear and boring.

In case some of our readers are looking for inspiring book or podcast recommendations… What would you recommend and why?

Well, there are actually two books that I found quite inspiring: The first is “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan B. Peterson, which talks a lot about human behavior, history, psychology, and other things. Then there is “Bitcoin Standard” by Saifedean Ammousi, which talks about the history of money from the Romans to today, in a way that is not taught in school. I really enjoyed both!

Excellent. I really appreciate you taking the time to share some insights!

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