Introduction to Stefan Wagner, our Senior Enterprise and Partner Sales Manager

Hello Stefan, we are super happy to welcome you as a new member of the Business Development team at Parashift. To understand your background and ambitions, I would love to ask you a few questions which you must answer spontaneously ???? 

First, can you please explain in a few sentences who you are and how did you come to Parashift? 

I would love to. I am a pretty well-experienced salesperson who used to work both in corporates and start-ups. The start-up’s vibrant environment fits more with my mentality – I just love it.

Working for McKinsey in the procurement practice taught me that there is a considerable need to digitize documents in procurement and all kinds of companies and departments. That’s what instantly grabbed my attention when I heard from Parashift.

Interesting! Have you always been attracted to Artificial Intelligence? What motivated you to contribute to our paradigm shift

I am working in software businesses heavily using AI since 2018. First in social media monitoring and market research, later in procurement analytics, and now in IDP.

Helping to digitize corporates by using AI and providing value motivates me a lot.

We are just at the beginning when it comes to using AI.

I agree with you; something is motivating, even exciting, to work in the booming world of AI!

What are your first impressions of the Parashift team’s ambitions? And how do you think you can contribute to the company’s success? 

I am absolutely thrilled by the big vision of Parashift because many tech startups and companies in Europe have made the mistake of not thinking big enough for a very long time. Especially in comparison to US start-ups.

Seeing this change now is very cool.

I can contribute by enthusiastic, hard work and bringing a bit of experience in enterprise and partner sales to the table.

Glad to hear that you share our ambitious vision of success!

What is the biggest challenge for you in acquiring this new position? 

Parashift is for sure providing cutting-edge technology in a very broad market and can solve a lot of problems. The software is applicable for so many use cases and businesses. In my opinion, the biggest challenge is finding the most promising use cases and then scaling these. Especially when it comes to partner management. Not losing focus is a challenge here. Execution is what distinguishes good from excellent start-ups.

Well said! How do you see the future of Parashift in 5 years?

We have very ambitious targets when it comes to growth and scaling – hopefully, we will have our IPO maybe already in 5 years. We should go for that.

Yes, I join your idea! Do you have any books, podcasts, or movies that you would like to recommend to your new colleagues so that they can share your vision of success? 

I am very interested in podcasts providing insights and news about the start-up ecosystem and tech innovations. I can highly recommend the “OMR podcast” by Philipp Westermeyer and the “Digitale Vorreiter” podcast by Christoph Burseg.

At the moment, I am very much interested in Crypto and especially the NFT world. I can recommend the channels from Dr. Teo Pham. Everybody who wants to discuss NFT & Crypto investment opportunities is very welcome to reach out (on LinkedIn).

Very good! I’m going to check the “OMR podcast” that sounds quite interesting ???? 

We are very excited about working with you because you have a lot of ideas and the energy to implement them! Thank you for answering our questions; we are glad you are part of our team!

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