Introduction to Yagiz Cakan, one of Parashift’s ECM specialists

Hello dear Yagiz, good to talk to you. And again, great to have you onboard here at Parashift. To get things started, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, what made you join Parashift and what you do here.

If I start to talk about myself, it will go beyond the scope. So, read my answer to the next question directly. 🙂

I’m at Parashift because I share their vision, document management has always fascinated me, and I want to be part of a paradigm shift.

As a project manager, I am responsible for onboarding projects and proof of concepts with partners and customers.

What would you say is your superpower?

I speak a lot and sometimes a little bit too loud. 🙂

In what specific added values does this superpower translate into your everyday life?

As an extroverted person, I like to take the lead. I am very expressive and yet calm, which is very helpful in projects as well as presentations.

Got it. What’s currently the most challenging problem you’re working on and why?

There are no problems. Only challenges. These are like gifts with lousy packaging, and if you grow beyond your comfort zone, they can become something big.

I totally agree with you. But let’s talk turkey. What key challenge do you currently face in your role, and how do you tackle it specifically?

At the moment, I realize that my thinking and actions are still very big-business oriented. I am in the process of learning to take the perspective of a startup or small company.

In order to do this better, I have started to prepare myself more for the companies and sometimes also to exchange ideas with my colleagues. Because the great art lies in satisfying every client.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within Parashift, whose job would you want?

I’m happy where I am.

What does a paradigm shift mean to you, and why did you decide to join a crazy bunch and contribute to one yourself?

It’s relatively simple. For me, a paradigm shift means digitization. And I don’t like paper unless it’s a book. 🙂

Let’s get imaginative. How do you envision the next five years for Parashift?

In five years, as Parashift, we will have a product that will leave a significant footprint in the market. We will not only be the challenger. Though possibly not immediately in the next five years, we will become the market leader as well. We are definitely working full-throttle on that.

In case some of our readers are looking for inspiring book or podcast recommendations… What would you recommend and why?

I recommend “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. 

Whether personal or professional, we are on a unique journey every day with every relationship we enter.

Mmmh… Love that one too! And on that end, thanks for taking the time today dear Yagiz!

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