Parashift’s 2023 Journey: A year of innovation and collaborative success

2023 has been a landmark year for Parashift, marked by transformative technological advancements and strategic achievements. Our commitment to redefining document processing has been reflected in our innovative feature enhancements, collaborative efforts, and relentless pursuit of excellence on the Parashift platform.

Revolutionizing Extraction Technology

A major highlight of the year was our significant enhancement in extraction technology. Our new Viewer, now in beta, transforms the user experience with features like endless scrolling and easy zooming. These improvements, alongside updates to field configurations, have dramatically increased extraction speed and accuracy, especially for single fields and addresses.

Innovative Document Management

Our focus on user experience led to the introduction of groundbreaking document management features. We implemented a new email attachment import feature, enhancing the platform’s versatility and user convenience. Additionally, we introduced multiple separation methods in a single upload configuration, providing greater adaptability and flexibility in document processing.

Enhanced User Interaction:

Mid-year saw the unveiling of our Table Validation Module, a significant step in refining user experience. This module allows direct editing of tabular data, coupled with features like drag-and-drop and advanced highlighting, vastly improving data validation and control.

Q4 Strategic Developments:

The last quarter was pivotal, with Parashift making strides in data security and technological innovation. The introduction of the “Train on Deleted Documents” feature set new standards in data management and security, while enhancements to classification and extraction capabilities fortified our core offerings.

Expanding Influence Through Partnerships:

Parashift’s impact in the industry was further solidified by its recognition among the Top IDP vendors in the HFS Horizons IDP Report 2023. Additionally, Orbis Research featured Parashift in its latest report on the invoice processing software market, highlighting the company’s growing influence.

Furthermore, Parashift expanded its availability, joining the M-Files Solutions catalog and the Google Cloud Marketplace, making its innovative solutions more accessible to a broader audience.

Parashift significantly broadened its horizons through strategic partnerships, each bringing unique strengths and enhancing our platform’s capabilities and reach:

  1. Swisscom Conextrade Partnership: Parashift’s collaboration with Swisscom Conextrade has been instrumental. They integrated our IDP Platform for processing scanned invoices, enhancing their invoice management efficiency and data accuracy.
  2. Collaboration with d.velop: Our partnership with d.velop optimizes data extraction and automated filing within their solutions. This integration boosted the efficiency of document processing and data management in d.velop’s software ecosystem.
  3. Integration with tangro Software Components: The integration of our AI cloud platform into tangro Software Components’ document processing capabilities resulted in significantly higher automation rates. This collaboration brought intelligent data extraction to tangro’s software, enhancing its document processing efficiency.
  4. Faigle as a Business Partner: Faigle’s decision to install, configure, and sell Parashift’s cloud-native Intelligent Document Processing solution marked a significant step in expanding our market reach and product accessibility.
  5. Roboyo’s Solution Enhancement: The integration of Parashift’s AI technology with Roboyo’s solutions enabled companies to digitize and automate a variety of document processes, demonstrating the versatility and applicability of our AI technology in diverse business scenarios.

A heartfelt “Thank you”!

As we reflect on a remarkable year, we extend our gratitude to our customers and partners. Your support has been instrumental in our journey, driving us to innovate and excel. We look forward to continuing this journey in 2024, embracing new challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm.


2023 has been a year of relentless progress and success for Parashift. We step into 2024 with gratitude and a renewed commitment to excellence, ready to further elevate our platform and impact the world of document processing.

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