Swisscom Conextrade uses Parashift to process scanned invoices

Swisscom Conextrade is now using Parashift’s Intelligent Document Processing Platform to process scanned invoices. Parashift relies on proprietary machine learning technology for processing many different document types, which enables it to achieve faster and more flexible readout results with high accuracy.

We are convinced that we have found the right partner in Parashift and are pleased to be able to offer companies an end-to-end digital invoice receipt process,” said Eros Merlini, Head of Conextrade at Swisscom.

While Swisscom uses Conextrade Parashift integrated, it is also possible to connect existing Parashift installations with Conextrade. The two companies also collaborate on a sales level.

We are proud to have our technology deployed at Swisscom Conextrade,” said Alain Veuve, CEO of Parashift. “With our expertise in data extraction and Swisscom Conextrade’s experience in invoice exchange and eBill, we are convinced that this collaboration can generate a lot of value for customers in Switzerland.”

About Swisscom Conextrade

Conextrade from Swisscom is the leading B2B platform in Switzerland for digitized procurement (e-procurement) and invoice processing (e-invoicing Switzerland and International). Conextrade enables its customers to digitize the invoice receipt process incl. approval workflow end-to-end. Optimized processes, shorter lead times and at the same time lower costs are the result of digital processes on Conextrade. This frees up time for value-adding activities. Conextrade also supports the sending of invoices as customer- friendly eBills.

Conextrade is ideal for companies that want to automate their invoice processes.


Swisscom Conextrade

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Phone 0848 860 200

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