Intelligent Document Processing Podcast – Episode #21; Andre Bieler, Chief Research & Innovation Officer at Parashift

In this podcast episode, Alain Veuve, CEO and founder of Parashift, and Andre Bieler, Chief Research & Innovation Officer at Parashift, discuss the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing popularity. They chat about how Open AI’s chatbot GPT is changing the game. They also delve into the impact of data availability on AI development and the role of open-source initiatives. Tune in for some fascinating insights into the world of AI!

We have divided the exchange into four parts. Feel free to click on each to get directly to the information you are interested in. 

The Rise of AI Conversations: A Funny, Bizarre and Informative Discussion on Perception of Tech.

The conversation touches on the public’s expectation of artificial intelligence, including the ability to talk to it like a person. They explore how open AI’s chat GPT fulfills this expectation by allowing people to interact with AI using natural language. The emotional appeal of the technology is also discussed, along with its potential applications in software development.

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AGI and Consciousness: Separating Fact from Fiction

Join the debate with Alain and Andre as they delve into the fascinating topic of AGI and consciousness. Remind you the conversation between Lex Fridman and Sam Altman and discover whether AGI is truly conscious. Alain shares his skepticism while Andre offers a metaphoric point of view that may surprise you.

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Data and regulations in AI

Alain and Andre discuss about the EU’s data protection regulations and OpenAI’s decision to restrict the use of their models for training other models. Get the inside scoop on rumors about OpenAI releasing Chat GPT over a weekend to secure funding before competitors and the personal feud between Elon Musk and Bill Gates over data privacy.

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The Cost of AI Training and the Role of Open-Source Initiatives

Learn how training costs are decreasing with technology advancements and explore the role of open-source initiatives in AI. Hear about the importance of sharing research papers and ideas to benefit the AI community as a whole.

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Thanks to Andre Bieler for sharing her experiences and ideas on the subject. Find the audio podcast now on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Deezer.

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