Alos becomes a Parashift’s silver partner and broadens the utilization of the IDP solution among Swiss businesses 

Sissach – 28.05.24 

Parashift, a leading developer of machine learning-based document classification and data extraction software, announces its partnership with Alos, a Swiss specialist in implementing intelligent data capture solutions with fully automated workflows and enterprise content management (ECM). 
Parashift’s innovative IDP technology  
Parashift IDP Platform redefines document processing by leveraging advanced AI models to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency. By accurately extracting data from various document types, including invoices, contracts, and forms, Parashift streamlines workflows, minimizes manual efforts, and enhances operational efficiency. 

Collaborative vision 
With a shared commitment to improving efficiency and streamlining operations, both companies aim to free employees from repetitive and time-consuming tasks by providing them with a tailored and automated solution for processing their business documents. 
Arjeta Vataj, Country Manager of Alos Solution AG, commented: “The partnership with Parashift is an important step for us as it allows us to further tailor our products to our customers’ needs. Parashift’s cloud-based solution allows us to quickly integrate advanced extraction capabilities into our own ECM solutions. With this technology at hand, our customers will be able to automate their processes while minimizing resources and focusing on their core business.” 
By integrating Parashift’s advanced extraction capabilities seamlessly into their own offerings, Alos empowers businesses across Switzerland to achieve unparalleled levels of automation and optimization in their document management processes. 

About Alos

Alos Solution AG serves as a comprehensive solution partner, assisting companies in digitizing their business processes – from consultancy and analysis to the technical and organizational execution of solutions. Based in Obfelden ZH, Switzerland, the company specializes in implementing intelligent data capture solutions with fully automated workflows and enterprise content management (ECM). Its primary aim is to alleviate the burden of repetitive tasks on employees and ensure quick, location-independent access to information. With over 75 years of expertise in intelligent document capture and storage, Alos boasts a dedicated team of 18 employees, passionately catering to the needs of more than 400 satisfied customers.

Alos excels in creating tailor-made solutions, seamlessly integrating them into existing system landscapes, and providing exceptional professional support. The company’s unwavering goal is to prioritize customer needs, propel them into the future, pioneer new paths, and save valuable time as a forward-thinking organization.  

Alos offers the ideal solution for every requirement: from intelligent document capture and classification, electronic data extraction, and automated workflows integrated with document management and ECM, to legally compliant archiving. The company expertly combines the software from various manufacturers to establish a comprehensive information management solution, transitioning from paper-based to digital business processes.  

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