Parashift Platform: The Intelligent Document Processing solution useful for the Logistics industry.

From processing invoices to managing bills of lading, the logistics industry relies heavily on the accuracy and speed of document processing. Yet, the traditional manual approach still widely used often falls short, burdening logistics companies with time-consuming tasks and increasing the risk of errors. Today, we invite you to discover how Parashift Platform, powered by AI, enables these companies to transform their document processing and save significant time and money!

How does Parashift Platform handle document processing?

Parashift Platform simplifies document processing using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. But how does it work?

It all begins with the meticulous separation of submitted documents, where each batch is analyzed and segmented into relevant documents. Separation can be manual or intelligent (bar codes, QR Codes, page separators, etc.).

Parashift Platform: Separation step

Next, Parashift categorizes each documents based on its type (example: Invoices, correspondance, tax declaration, etc.) , thanks to precise analysis of layout and content, allowing for accurate identification of information to extract. This is the document classification stage.

Parashift Platform: Classification step

In the following step, Parashift employs advanced optical character recognition (OCR) techniques to extract text from documents, while its natural language processing (NLP) capabilities enable understanding of the context and meaning of the extracted information. Relevant data, such as amounts, dates, references, and more, are then extracted with high precision, thanks to machine learning models trained on a wide range of documents. Learn more about Document Swarm Learning®, the technology behind it.

Parashift Platform: Extraction step

Finally, Parashift automatically validates (based on pre-configured confidence scores) the extracted data by comparing it to reference models and applying predefined validation rules, ensuring its accuracy and reliability. This comprehensive and rigorous process enables Parashift to offer efficient, precise, and automated document processing, meeting the varied needs of businesses.

Parashift Platform: Validation step

What sets Parashift apart is its ability to handle different types of documents with unparalleled precision. From deciphering handwritten notes to extracting data from complex forms, Parashift’s advanced AI algorithms ensure accuracy and efficiency. Its intuitive interface allows users to create and modify forms effortlessly, adapting to evolving business needs with ease.

No need to be a coding expert to integrate Parashift!

At the heart of Parashift’s appeal is its seamless integration into existing workflows and applications. Unlike cumbersome systems that require extensive infrastructure changes, Parashift effortlessly integrates using its modern REST API or pre-built connectors. This means that logistics companies can harness the power of AI without disrupting their current operations, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing return on investment.

Immediate Results, Long-term Benefits!

The implementation of Parashift offers tangible benefits from day one. By automating document processing workflows, logistics companies experience significant time savings, reduced errors, and improved data accuracy. Whether streamlining invoice processing or expediting customs clearance, Parashift’s impact reverberates throughout the supply chain, driving efficiency and enhancing competitiveness.

Leading logistics companies trust Parashift!

Parashift is already being used by leading logistics companies such as Galliker Logistics, FR Meyer’s & Sohn, and Fracht Group. These companies have firsthand experienced the transformative power of Parashift, accelerating document processing times, minimizing errors, and improving overall operational efficiency.

In conclusion

In an industry where efficiency is paramount, Parashift offers a beacon of innovation. By streamlining document processing, it empowers logistics companies to navigate the complexities of the supply chain with ease.

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your projects and needs together. We’ll also be happy to guide you through the platform and give you a demo of its usage.

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