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Swisscom Conextrade

Despite digitization, the capture and approval of invoices remains time-consuming and error-prone. The further automation of invoice processes such as the accounts payable workflow therefore offers great potential for optimization and cost savings. With the e-invoicing & e-procurement platform Conextrade, you can digitize your invoicing and ordering processes quickly and easily.

With Conextrade, you can digitalize your entire invoice process and release invoices with maximum automation. This saves you a lot of time for value-adding work. In addition, Conextrade gives you the possibility to send invoices as customer-friendly eBills.

Conextrade is suitable for companies that want to speed up their invoice process. Regardless of whether you are at the beginning of automation or would like to expand it further, with Conextrade you get a solution that relieves you and your employees.

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Swisscom-Hauptsitz, 6, Alte Tiefenaustrasse, Altikofen, Worblaufen, Ittigen, Bern-Mittelland administrative district, Bernese Mittelland administrative region, Bern, 3048, Schweiz