the i-engineers AG


the i-engineers AG

the i-engineers: Leading Digital Transformation in healthcare

Founded in 2002 in Switzerland, the i-engineers has established itself as a leading provider of software solutions for the healthcare sector. Its flagship product, the health-engine®, is a comprehensive digital platform that facilitates the digitization of hospital processes. With over 40 modular solutions, the platform supports clinical data management, interoperability, and workflow optimization, serving more than 300 clinics and 100,000 users globally. 

 The i-engineers prides itself on its agile and customer-focused approach, consistently achieving high marks in customer satisfaction. Its team of specialists works across offices in Zurich, Münster, Munich, and Dresden, focusing on scalable and flexible solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of healthcare facilities. 

By prioritizing innovation, expertise, and customer satisfaction, the i-engineers continues to drive forward the digitization of healthcare, helping clinics improve efficiency, reduce errors, and deliver better patient care.