Software vendors: Stand out and gain an advantage over your competitors with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Software vendors in the DMS and ERP sectors specialize in storing and managing documents and data. What is often left out is how data is captured in the software. This means that software vendors miss the opportunity to equip their applications with innovative solutions for comprehensive process automation. They thus miss the opportunity to gain a significant advantage over competitors.

With modern, AI-based document extraction, software vendors are saying goodbye to this and instead creating the possibility of end-to-end process automation embedded in their own application. They use Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solely for classifying documents and extracting data from them. This enables software vendors to optimize their applications with powerful document extraction.

Software vendors are looking for ways to differentiate themselves

Not only holding one’s own in today’s market, but also being able to remain relevant and innovative in the future is a challenge in the fast-paced world of software vendors. So the search for ways to differentiate themselves from other software vendors and their applications is ever present.

One of these differentiation opportunities is by building new, cutting-edge features that bring significant improvements to end users. With Parashift’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution, software vendors are integrating world-class document extraction into their applications, which is exactly what they need to easily build new features. It’s time to gain a significant advantage over competitors!

Software vendors are using the Parashift Intelligent Document Processing solution to enhance their applications with cutting-edge AI-based document extraction to create new opportunities.

The solution to outperform your competitors : Intelligent Document Processing

Software vendors can differentiate themselves by simply integrating Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) into their applications. Here’s how it works in the application:

The software vendors upload the documents via their application. The documents are then sent to Parashift in the background without the end user noticing. Parashift classifies the documents and extracts the unstructured data from them before sending them back to the software vendor’s application in structured form. The status of the data is then again checked directly in the software vendor’s application.

The clear advantages for software vendors with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) include:

  • Intelligent Document Processing does not compete with software vendors’ BPM, DMS or ERP solutions, but only enhances the applications through and through.
  • By integrating the cloud-based IDP solution, software vendors no longer need to maintain their own installations.
  • Software vendors integrate the IDP solution into their own applications so that it is not visible to end users.This creates a modern appearance of the application.
  • With IDP, software vendors can offer an application with features that clearly differentiate them from competing solutions.

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