Intelligent Document Processing podcast – Episode #15, Part II: Rik Krieger, Co-founder of HOPR

You will now see the second part of the exchange between two visionaries and startup creators, Alain Veuve, our CEO, and Rik Krieger, Co-founder of HOPR Services AG. 

What is HOPR? – Explained by its founder

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Generally, when we do financial transactions on our computers, whether in the private or business sphere, we want to do it privately, out of sight. We don’t do it in restaurants or supermarkets – that seems logical. Instead, we prefer to do it at home – where we are protected from prying eyes – or at the office.

And yet… as crazy as it may sound, we are not safer here or there.

When you make a transaction in your electronic bank account or cryptocurrency wallet, the RPC provider like Swisscom or T-Mobile knows everything about you; they record the data and sell it as part of their business model.

Using HOPR, you can be sure to protect your data.

HOPR uses the network of T-mobile, AT&T, Swisscom, etc., and sends the data through the existing network cable in a new technological way.

For the moment, the service is B2B and only benefits companies. But it will soon be available to individuals.

In this exchange, you will learn more about: 

When private persons could use HOPR

How companies use HOPR

Tokens finance HOPR

HOPR got listed on Coinbase

Also, both men will give valuable tips on how to become a startup guy.

As Alain Veuve explains, you have to adopt Steeve Jobs’ attitude. If you have an idea with potential for success, you must do everything possible to turn the vision into reality. But you have to know that this is very expensive and time-consuming, and the outcome can be fatal if it doesn’t work. 

Sometimes, your idea is cool in your head but nothing more. Building a new thing is a very stupid idea in 99% of cases! But if you can be one of the rare exceptions where you can change something and make it great, you are the luckiest person on earth.”

Alain Veuve

According to him, the simplest and most effective way would be to transform/improve an idea that already exists. “Just improve it, be a bit better, a bit faster, more fashionable and less expensive for the client, and then, you will see, the traction could get crazy.”

According to both men, you should never lose your enthusiasm if you are convinced that your idea is the right one. Only confront it with the judgments of others, and if the feedback continues to feed your enthusiasm, invest yourself 1000%. 

Tips: “When there are the die-hard dinosaur industry experts that tell you what you are doing is completely wrong, in almost all the cases, that’s an excellent sign that you are on the right path.” Alain Veuve

To understand in more detail each theme discussed here, I invite you to watch the entire video, Part I and Part II (with the video is always better, but listening to a podcast while driving is not bad as well 😊) 

Thanks to Rik Krieger and Alain Veuve for sharing their experiences and ideas on the subject. 

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