The most comprehensive Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution for enterprises

In order for enterprises to drive digital transformation not only in individual processes, but to go end-to-end, they depend on a versatile and robust automation solution for their document processing. A suitable solution takes into account both numerous ready-to-use document types and ease of use of the platform. Parashift’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution offers enterprises just that: three different methodologies enable the processing of any document. This brings agility back to the business processes of enterprises while reducing document processing costs dramatically.

Up to 4x less setup effort: The wide range of standard document types brings massive advantages to enterprises.

Intelligent document Processing


1. Standard document types

2. Individual document types

3. Zero post-processing option

1. Standard document types

Using standard document types makes it easy to get started with IDP and automation. Parashift sets them up and makes them available immediately, which significantly reduces the time to implement the solution.

Standard document types cover numerous use cases from various industries, including the following, among others:

  • Accounting: Invoice, dunning documents, tax certificate, profit and loss statement, bank statement, credit card statement and many more.
  • Procurement: Offer, purchase order, order confirmation, delivery bill, bill of lading, customs declaration and many more.
  • Insurance: Insurance policy, pension statement, insurance invoices, etc.
  • Real Estate: Incidental expenses settlement, lease agreement, mortgage statement, cadastral plan, and many more.
  • Banking: Payment advice, bank correspondence, account opening, current account, etc.
  • Identification: Passport, ID, driving license, etc.
  • HR: Salary statement, expense report, work contract, CV, employers reference and many more.
  • General contracts: Purchase contract, credit application, vehicle contract and many more.
  • General mail: Correspondence, advertising, etc.

 The standard document types are constantly extended by Parashift.

2. Individual document types

The second of the three methods makes the easy-to-use IDP platform aware. With the document type editor, you can create or modify individual document types from scratch on the basis of standard document types, i.e. you can configure standard data points such as sender and recipient, or the document date, in a new individual document type by drag and drop. This increases the spectrum of document types almost infinitely.

Thanks to the no-code principle, the customization of document types has never been easier, as can be seen in the screenshot of the platform’s user interface.

The customization of standard document types is possible with a few clicks and without IT knowledge.

3. Zero post-processing option

The last of the three methods offers enterprises the option to completely free their employees from OCR validation and correction for standard document types such as Procure to Pay (P2P) documents. With the zero post-processing option, enterprises can skip all manual work for the following document types:

Offer, purchase order, order confirmation, delivery bill, invoice and many more.

With the zero post-processing option, validation and post-processing is handled entirely by Parashift, guaranteeing over 98% extraction accuracy, even of line item data.

The most versatile Intelligent Document Processing solution together with the zero post-processing option brings three massive benefits to enterprises:

1. Saves resources and acquires new capabilities

2. Documents can be done completely.

3. Thanks to the correct data, automate complex business processes more robustly.

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