Introduction to Tamara Schächtele, our MidMarket Sales Executive – Business Development

Hello Tamara, we are delighted to have you on board! To know more about your project within Parashift, you agreed to answer my questions. 

Here we go!

First, can you please explain in a few sentences who you are and how did you come to Parashift? 

I originally came from being a store manager in the retail industry while completing my MSc in business management. I was followed by recruiting experts and advising clients in the IT sector to a now serving as MidMarket Sales Executive at Parashift.

Very cool! What do you like about working in an artificial intelligence company? 

AI is a super exciting topic, even if you’re not originally from this industry. Everything around us is getting more digitalized, and AI is used in so many aspects without us even knowing. To be part of that industry feels thrilling; you will never stop learning more.  

100% agreed! This is the significant advantage of working in a company like Parashift: you never get bored! What are your first impressions of the Parashift team’s ambitions? And how do you think you can contribute to the company’s success? 

Everyone may have his or her own personal goal, but the main target with Parashift is never out of sight, and each person wants to contribute to this success. 

I think with my open personality and can-do attitude, I’m in the right position to support the team by being a voice for Parashift to its clients.

Great to hear that! And what is the biggest challenge for you in acquiring this new position? 

I think the biggest challenge will be to dive deep into this new environment of AI, SaaS/Software and to be able to understand all the great benefits it delivers fully.

I do not doubt your success in the team

How do you see the future of Parashift in 5 years?

Besides world dominance????? I believe that every problem-solving tool has an unlimited potential where there are no limits because limits only ever exist in our minds. 

Do you have any books, podcasts, or movies that you would like to recommend to anyone? 

A book I loved reading is called “Unfog your mind” by Leander Greitemann– it’s about switching your perspectives on life for more joy and carelessness. Because we do not see the world as it is but through the lens of who we are. We cannot change others, nor can we change some situations. However, we can change ourselves and how we react. 

Great! Thank you for the information because the studies on personal development teach us a lot in our personal and professional life!

Thank you very much for your time! We know you better now and are glad you are teaming up with us!

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