The 6 best arguments why CIOs benefit from a No-Code solution (Part 1)

In many enterprises, the tasks of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) have fundamentally changed with the management and implementation of initiatives around digital transformation. Platforms based on a no-code principle are ideally suited for this purpose, relieving the CIO and his highly qualified IT department and freeing up new resources.

With a no-code solution, a CIO can take care of strategic functions and highly complex problems with his often overburdened IT department. In this two-part series, we explore the top 6 arguments in favor of no-code.

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Table of contents

Part 1

1. In a nutshell: What is no-code?

2. What changes for companies with no-code?

3. Arguments #1 and #2 for a no-code solution

Part 2

1. Arguments #3, #4, #5 and #6 in favor of a no-code solution

2. Conclusion

In a nutshell: What is no-code?

  • On a no-code platform, processes are simplified to such an extent that neither developers nor data scientists are required, but the platform can be used by any employee with PC skills
  • With no-code solutions, employees can validate business processes themselves or customize applications and workflows without any programming knowledge
  • Only configure instead of programming: With no-code, it’s more about the “what” and less about the “how”
  • No-code is not the same as low-code: Although the two terms are sometimes used as synonyms, in practice they are very different
  • No-code is interesting for CIOs, among other things, because it frees up the IT department and can be used for complex tasks

What changes for companies with no-code?

A no-code solution benefits the CIO and the IT department on the one hand, but also many other employees and ultimately the entire company:

  • The CIO can devote his full attention to planning and implementing the digital transformation
  • The IT department can support the CIO with its expertise in specific and complex tasks
  • Employees without programming skills do not constantly burden the IT department with trivialities

Parashift’s no-code solution transfers the power of document automation to the business user or the employee without programming skills. This plays into the CIO’s (and the company’s) cards tremendously.

Arguments #1 and #2 for a no-code solution

The first two arguments in favor of no-code solutions like Parashift’s in an enterprise are as follows:

Argument #1: Attractive for CIO, IT, and employees

The often overburdened IT department has less nitpicking to do, while employees without programming skills have access to solutions that were previously inaccessible. No-code is attractive to the CIO and IT department as well as employees alike.

Argument #2: State-of-the-art and easy-to-use user interface

The user interface of Parashift’s no-code solution is state-of-the-art, sophisticated and so easy to use that all users are familiar with the platform within minutes.

Part 2 follows with no-code arguments #3, #4, #5 and #6!

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