Why Parashift IDP Platform is different

The reasons why you want Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in your organization are multifaceted. Because of the wide variation and complexity of documents, the requirements for IDP are high. Find out why Parashift IDP platform meets these requirements with excellence and why the approach is fundamentally different.

We are able to automate all document processes from any industry and in any company. This is what makes us fundamentally different from other providers. – Alain Veuve, CEO & Founder Parashift AG


1. Document Swarm Learning

2. Process any type of document

3. Secure and reliable cloud infrastructure

4. Maximum flexibility for companies

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1. Document Swarm Learning

At the core of Parashift IDP platform is Swarm Learning technology. Continuous machine learning and AI training, where learning efforts are leveraged globally, drive the IDP platform at top speed. The advanced AI technologies thus enable next-generation intelligent document processing.

Thanks to this fundamentally different approach, for the first time, no expensive projects are required to integrate powerful document extraction into enterprises. At the same time, an enormous document data network is created. The high-quality data is crucial for optimizing business processes and for further digitization initiatives.

Other benefits with Document Swarm Learning:

  • Training data and all insights are merged and shared
  • Minimal training effort
  • Minimal computational effort
  • Enables out-of-the-box capabilities

2. Process any type of document

Since Parashift IDP platform is not a template-based extraction platform, handling ever-changing document layouts and formats is one of its main strengths. It can handle any type of document, including those in unstructured, handwritten and complex forms. Parashift IDP platform distinguishes between the following document types:

  • Standard document types: Numerous standard document types configured and trained by Parashift are available directly out-of-the-box. With these, no configuration, setup, or training is required.
  • Individual document types: As an addition to the standard document types, new, individual document types can be easily created as needed in the powerful document type editor. This makes it worthwhile to automate low-volume document types, for example. Since the Parashift platform is built strictly according to the no-code principle, no programming skills are required to create your own document types.

In fact, Parashift only started processing any document types after some time.

3. Secure and reliable cloud infrastructure

Since Document Swarm Learning is one of the key drivers of Parashift IDP platform and with it, scaling the training effort of all collected data to the entire customer base is possible, the cloud as an infrastructure represents the most reliable medium. Through it, Parashift can provide a globally scalable service with the highest level of security and high availability. Thanks to the cloud infrastructure, customers can be provided with continuous software improvements and the best user experience in the world.

Furthermore, Parashift highly values privacy and security:

  • Cloud infrastructure with world-leading security standards
  • Fully EU-GDPR compliant

4. Maximum flexibility for companies

Parashift IDP platform has been developed for all possible document extraction use cases. Particular focus has been placed on the following:

  • Ease of use: Thanks to the no-code platform, anyone who can operate a PC can work with Parashift IDP platform
  • Maximum learning synergies: With document swarm learning and global AI training, these are maximized
  • Minimal Time-to-Solution: Thanks to standard document types, the setup process is minimal
  • Maximum flexibility and agility: With cloud infrastructure, maximum flexibility and agility is guaranteed
  • Low cost of ownership: Costs are always transparent, maintenance costs are completely eliminated

Companies that make Parashift IDP platform their strategic hub for document extraction can use it to significantly accelerate their efforts around digital transformation.

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