Automated, more automated, most automated! A new document automation experience

With efficient decision-making, companies can set themselves apart from their competitors. Among other things, this requires the correct data from the correct documents. There are plenty of platforms for document automation. However, they are often extremely complex and therefore not very user-friendly.

A superior extraction engine with an equally simple functionality.

Parashift takes a fundamentally different approach with its Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform. Its unique and innovative concept enables unprecedented document automation. Two main factors contribute to this solution.

Statement: Complex technologies make simple functionality impossible!

Platforms for future-oriented document automation require high-performance technologies. In document extraction and specifically for IDP, these are AI technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning for capturing, classifying and extracting data from unstructured and handwritten documents.

With such complex technologies, the platform is often just as complicated to use at times. This makes it impossible for document automation to function in a user-friendly manner.

Main factor #1: Abstraction of complex technologies

What makes Parashift different from everyone else is that complex, powerful AI technologies make up the IDP platform, but the way it works is greatly simplified with the abstraction of these technologies.

Built on a no-code principle, this makes the Parashift platform easy to use even for business users without programming skills. It is the abstraction of complex AI technologies that makes it easy for users to use the platform.

The no-code solution is also extremely interesting for CIOs 

Statement: A ‘no-touch’ approach is not possible in document automation!

Many document automation platforms come with a fixed number of document types. For new use cases and document types, expensive setups and configurations, as well as costly training, are always required. This limits the solution tremendously.

Main factor #2: Ready-to-use document types

Parashift, on the other hand, comes with a wide range of standard document types that can be used out-of-the-box. Standardizing document types from all industries, including logistics, real estate, banking and insurance, for example, creates an industry-independent data network. New standard document types added on an ongoing basis, along with the innovative Document Swarm Learning  , create a massive global data network. With no need for configuration, setup or training, a ‘no-touch’ approach can be achieved.

With the numerous ready-to-use standard document types combined with the no-code principle, Parashift offers not only the most versatile IDP platform, but also the easiest to use.

More end-to-end automation

With Parashift’s innovative process and simplicity of use for document automation, enterprises can create more robust and comprehensive process automation. The IDP platform transforms document-based processes and helps organizations achieve more end-to-end automations.

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