5 reasons why Parashift is not an end-to-end solution

Forward-thinking companies are looking for more end-to-end automation. Part of the problem is getting at unstructured data from complex documents, which requires a high level of document intelligence. Parashift provides companies with exactly this necessary document intelligence. No more, no less.

The better the document capture and extraction, the easier it is to automate downstream processes.

Parashift covers all topics around classification, extraction and data structuring to create high-performance Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Parashift is only a small but essential part of the automation of business processes in companies. 5 reasons why Parashift is not an end-to-end solution.

Parashift is not an end-to-end solution because…

1st reason: …powerful AI OCR is necessary for accelerating digital transformation

To drive digital transformation, several factors play an important role. One is the need for data from a huge volume of documents, most of them in unstructured form. Capturing, classifying and extracting these complex documents requires a powerful AI OCR that can also handle such documents. This is why Parashift specializes exclusively in document capture, classification and extraction.

2nd reason: …state of the art document extraction is super difficult

Creating high-performance and at the same time functional document extraction is super difficult. To be able to offer not only a solution completely free of templates, but numerous ready-to-use document types (the range of which is constantly being extended) out-of-the-box is a big challenge. This is why Parashift does document extraction alone.

Where traditional recognition components reach their limits, Parashift’s AI recognition enables us to automate complex end-to-end business processes in our business processing cloud. – Silas Stuber, Product Owner at bc-competence.

3rd reason: …structured and high-quality data are the be-all and end-all for document-based business processes

The volume of documents continues to grow steadily. Less physical and more digital, document-based processes will continue to be of enormous importance in the future. Accordingly, high-quality and structured data is fundamental for the automation of document-based business processes. That’s why Parashift delivers just that with excellent, universal and horizontal Intelligent Document Processing 

4th reason: …Parashift builds on the industry expertise of its partners

Parashift focuses on powerful and future-oriented Intelligent Document Processing. For smooth integration into existing system landscapes, Parashift builds on the industry expertise of its partners. The best features and competencies of Parashift and various partners are perfectly combined. This ensures that the best possible solutions are always selected to drive end-to-end automation in enterprises. This is why Parashift works with strong and competent partners.

5th reason: …turning unstructured information into structured data is a cool thing to do

Last but not least, capturing, classifying, extracting and structuring data from unstructured information from any type of document is just a cool thing in itself. This is why Parashift is completely dedicated to solving universal intelligent document extraction.

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