Automate document-based processes in JobRouter

With the ambition for digital business transformation and more efficient business processes, JobRouter combines functions from workflow management, process automation and management, document management and robotic process automation in a versatile digitization platform for companies of all industries and sizes. Many of these business processes are very document-heavy and therefore require the most accurate data possible in real-time for optimized automation. In order to automate workflows and further improve business processes, Parashift delivers relevant data from all incoming documents in a finely processed form and makes it available for automated processes in a structured manner.

The idea of Parashift is groundbreaking! OCR without tedious configurations will revolutionize our business. We can finally integrate paper-based documents without apprehension. – Janes Spegg, CEO Wertschöpfer IT GmbH

Parashift Platform: Central point of document data extraction. It can be used in well-established systems or integrated via a custom API setup.

Direct interface from Wertschöpfer IT

With the interface programmed by Wertschöpfer IT, Parashift can be easily and directly integrated and incorporated into JobRouter as a system activity. Using advanced AI technologies and intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) based on machine learning and deep learning models, the automation process around document processing can be greatly simplified. AI-based intelligent OCR can capture documents as they arrive, whether on paper or in digital form. The following is the automatic classification of documents and the automatic extraction of all relevant data from them. Thanks to AI-based intelligent OCR, previously impossible obstacles such as capturing and processing unstructured documents and handwritten forms can finally be successfully addressed, greatly increasing the possibilities for automation. Parashift thus brings a certain intelligence (no duplicate business logic, the master data is captured only once) to new and existing business processes in JobRouter and allows them to be further optimized.

Parashift greatly simplifies document processing automation – with real time data and high accuracy.

Significant optimizations for business processes

With the powerful combination of JobRouter’s workflow software, Wertschöpfer’s interface and Parashift’s automated document processing, there are significant optimizations for business processes, including the following:

  • Mailroom Automation: The entire Mailroom, both paper-based and digital, can be automated thanks to AI-based OCR. The capture and classification of incoming documents is automated, allowing efficient routing for fast distribution of data and information into the correct workflows. This not only increases visibility and speeds up workflows, but also increases customer satisfaction by enabling faster response times
  • Accounts Payable: The AP process in JobRouter reaches a whole new level of automation with the integration of Parashift. Automated processing of the most common accounting documents, such as automatic matching of purchase orders with order confirmations, automatic assignment of delivery bills, and so on and so forth, can significantly increase efficiency in accounts payable. If desired, also with high-quality validation service by Parashift and zero post-processing option on the part of the customer
  • All use cases that rely on automated document capture and real-time data for automated workflows. These include fleet management, expense and leave management, onboarding and contract management, invoice processing, and other arbitrary use cases

Provide your business processes in JobRouter with accurate data in real-time – with the automation of document capture via the interface programmed by Wertschöpfer.

Benefits with automatic document processing

Thanks to high-quality data, even complex business processes can be automated. The better work is done directly at the receipt of documents and the capture, classification and extraction of data, the smoother all downstream processes run. More clearly, the benefits gained with intelligent, AI-based OCR in JobRouter look like this:

  • Fast and easy integration into JobRouter, largely automated, and thus significantly improved workflows are possible.
  • Regardless of the type and layout of the documents and forms, whether semi-structured, completely unstructured, or with handwritten text, capture and processing can be automated.
  • Not only can throughput be increased with downstream digital processes thanks to high intelligence, but new data sources can also be developed.

Parashift can dramatically simplify the process of automating document processing in JobRouter with the interface programmed by Wertschöpfer, helping partners and customers effectively transform document-based business processes and accelerate time-to-value.

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