High-performance IDP and competent partners for effective use cases

Quality products and services play an essential part in growing a business. But other important factors also come into play. To achieve long-term and ambitious goals, innovative partnerships with competent partners are needed. This allows not only deeper areas of expertise but also a wider reach. These partnerships combine and complement different strengths in different areas of expertise into one big picture to provide customers with the best possible solutions for their individual use cases. Parashift contributes with state-of-the-art document classification and extraction and the IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) platform, helping strong partners to extend further their competencies (with even more accurate data) to jointly create value for end customers (for automated business processes and new business models).

High-performance and flexible data extraction is super hard. That’s why at Parashift we focus exclusively on this part.

IDP – what is it?

Companies rely on accurate data from documents in real-time for most business processes. This relevant data must be captured. Outdated technologies cannot cope with the high variation of documents, which makes automation impossible and means manual and tedious work and interrupting workflows. This problem can be addressed with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). IDP is a combination of advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies. Unlike traditional technologies, this makes IDP capable of much more, opening up entirely new possibilities. IDP combines Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies with AI-based OCR (Optical Character Recognition), providing downstream processes with the intelligence they need. IDP not only recognizes and captures content but also extracts context from the content. Thus, IDP is used for data extraction as the most efficient and best technology, making document capture and processing automation a reality. No matter how the documents come into the company, complex and unstructured or with the handwritten text, IDP always has an answer.

Qualitative partners as the key to mutual success: At Parashift, we build on the industry expertise of our partners to always offer our end customers the best possible solutions.

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Different partners for different industries

The power of Parashift’s IDP to handle highly complex and unstructured documents, automatically classify them and extract the data helps companies transform business processes. Depending on the industry, the use cases naturally differ; the challenges are mostly individual and big. Here, strong partners with the respective specific industry expertise are enormously important. With IDP, Parashift contributes the technology for high-performance automated data classification and extraction. Together with the specific partners for the respective industry, the best possible solutions can always be offered to customers. The Parashift partner ecosystem covers a wide range of industries and areas of expertise, including the following:

  • Accounting
  • Real Estate
  • Energy and utilities
  • Finance and insurance
  • Manufacturing and insurance
  • Retail and wholesale
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Public sector

Each of these industries has similar use cases as well as their own. Thanks to the Parashift partner ecosystem and the IDP platform with its high-performance, automated data classification and extraction, better end solutions customers can be created together and implemented quickly.

Parashift’s powerful IDP, combined with strong partners, enables specific and comprehensive solutions for end customers.

Easy integration of Parashift IDP

In addition, various industry partners support Parashift IDP with the provision of modern infrastructure or with marketplace integrations. Interfaces in the most common enterprise software, such as in ELO, allows easy integration of the powerful Intelligent Document Processing.

At Parashift, we place great value on close and trusting cooperation with our competent partners, with whom we jointly create added value for our end customers.

Strong partnerships with competencies in a wide range of areas are therefore an important part of achieving ambitious goals and ensuring end customers the best solutions for their business.

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