Intelligent Document Processing Podcast- Episode #10: Miro Hegnauer, Founder and CEO at Konova AG

We often hear that cloud solutions might be incompatible with the security of sensitive data, but is that real? What is the challenge of Civic Tech players like Konova AG who put technology at the service of democracy?

That’s what we’ll discuss in this tenth episode of the Intelligent Document Processing podcast from Parashift! ☺

In today’s episode, we had the pleasure to welcome Miro Hegnauer, the CEO of Konova AG, an expert in creating global and secure digital solutions.

Konova AG offers innovative digital solution for cooperation and participation processes. The solution is used throughout Switzerland by municipalities, cities, cantons and organizations for consultations and participations and is a tried and tested solution for e-participation.The management of public and private projects becomes significantly simpler, multidimensional, and concrete.

We have selected three key passages from the 25 minutes of conversation between Alain Veuve, CEO of Parashift, and Miro Hegnauer:

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1st extract: Is the fear of using cloud solutions by companies a reality?

According to Miro Hegnauer, there is a particular common fear of companies being wary of cloud solutions for project management. To understand the real issues in terms of security in the cloud, he asked himself what risks customers thought were possible. Once identified, he worked on it for a long time to propose a product that brought up all possible fears. For example, he chose Switzerland as his data center for administration; he surrounded himself with the best Swiss ISO-certified partners.

As he explains, when it comes to cloud solutions, the vigilance of customers is doubled, which pushes companies to be as vigilant in terms of data privacy, data security, and data protection compliance. A lot of educational work is to be done here.

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2nd extract: Can we consider Konova as a civic tech player?

Thanks to the company’s technology, one of its objectives is to put the citizen back at the heart of the public debate. The company is therefore considered as a civic tech player. The challenge for public administrations is to promote democracy, but the question is how to do it. Should they do it digitally? Miro answers, “Yes, digitally, if they want to spread their message more effectively, through the different channels available.”

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3rd extract: What is the future, the opportunities, the limits of civic tech players?

Today, almost all companies have gone digital. But one sector is still behind ; the governmental administrations and everything linked to that. The government will soon have to considerably make a great effort to digitalize its processes and administrations. Does this

mean the end or the limit of civic tech players who, for now, have the role that government should and will soon have? According to Miro, Swiss cantons are already developing their own digital solutions. But the challenge lies in the transmission of information. It doesn’t make sense if each canton had its own digital solution…

This is what gives solutions like Konova AG an advantage. Their product has been developed with the experience of different cantons; they offer a multidimensional service, which is adaptable and not specific to one administration.

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To understand in more detail each theme discussed in this podcast, I invite you to watch the entire video (with the video is always better, but listening to a podcast while driving is not bad as well ????)

Thanks to Miro Hegnauer for sharing his experiences and ideas on the subject.

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