How IT implementation firms deliver document automation faster: 4 best solutions to the biggest pain points

When implementing a document automation solution into an enterprise’s existing systems landscape, IT firms depend on it running as smoothly as possible. Major pain points can be eliminated if the document extraction solution is a straightforward (yet powerful) one like Parashift provides.

Parashift IDP platform takes away several pain points for IT implementation firms to provide customers with better document automation solutions faster. Below, we’ll go over the 4 biggest pain points around document automation and the 4 best solutions that the Parashift IDP platform comes up with.

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Pain Point #1: Legacy on-premise solutions

Enterprise IT is becoming more layered and complex. Constantly evolving technologies only further highlight a lack of agility. On-premise solutions contribute a significant amount of complexity to enterprises. New integrations are not only difficult, but also involve high costs and lengthy processes.


– A Cloud-based solution, such as Parashift provides with the IDP platform, is the counterpart to an outdated on-premise system. IT implementation companies can provide the cloud solution without the need for a lengthy setup process.

– With Parashift IDP platform, a production-ready tenant is set up with a few clicks, allowing IT implementation companies to accommodate the customer.

Pain Point #2: Time-consuming configuration and training projects

Document automation requires configurations of various document types for data capture, which is a huge expense for IT implementation companies. Training projects are an additional expense.


– Parashift IDP platform eliminates this pain point by providing numerous standard document types for data capture already configured and trained by Parashift, out-of-the-box and ready to use.

Pain Point #3: Expensive investments for performance improvements

Optimizations often require new projects, which always involve expensive investments, which is a factor that should not be underestimated.


– Fully validated classification and data extraction for virtually any document type, which the Parashift IDP platform provides, eliminates the need for further expensive investments in performance optimization.

Pain Point #4: High effort for adjustment and configuration

If project managers or employees in the company want to make adjustments to document types, trained IT specialists are required due to the complexity. The effort required for adjustments is huge, let alone the configuration and implementation of new, user-defined and specific document types.


– Pre-built extractors for the most relevant data points allow for easy customization directly on the Parashift IDP platform. Even configuration of custom document types is possible without hesitation for project managers or employees without IT knowledge.

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