How transport and logistics companies achieve peak performance with IDP

One of the main challenges for companies is the variation of documents to be processed. Depending on the industry, the requirements for the documents are particularly high. One of these is the transportation and logistics industry. Under constant high pressure to always deliver on time, there can be no compromise on document capture and processing. Employees throughout the supply chain depend on accurate, real-time data so that any delays can be immediately seen, corrected, and time and material losses avoided. Neither manual capture and processing nor document complexity should be factors here. With IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), transport and logistics companies can achieve maximum performance.

The large number of documents and, above all, the enormous variation make document processing in the transport and logistics industry one of the more complex – certainly at least without IDP

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What is IDP?

IDP stands for Intelligent Document Processing. As a combination of various advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence, it creates a whole new spectrum of possibilities for automating document capture and processing. We will go into detail about IDP and its features in this article.

Intelligent Document Processing brings new momentum to the transportation and logistics industry with intelligent automation

Major problems with manual processing

Unlike some other industries, it is quite normal in the transport and logistics industry for all documents to pass through countless hands: From storage to often worldwide shipping stations and various logistics providers to the actual delivery, data must be read from them, reconciled, typed and checked. With manual processing by numerous parties, the susceptibility to errors and the risk of incorrect data is thus increased enormously. This very quickly results in discrepancies and thus delays, which in turn can have a negative impact on the entire supply chain.

With innovative AI technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, IDP is ideally suited for the demanding documents of the transport and logistics industry

For example, while autonomous cranes, trucks, and trains are already partly a reality in the transportation and logistics industry, the possibilities are far from exhausted. In contrast, automation in the area of document processing is much more advanced. At least when a state-of-the-art solution such as IDP is used, which is indispensable for processing complex documents in the transport and logistics industry. Standard solutions with traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) are nowhere near good enough.

Variability in documents literally cries out for IDP

The problems with the manual capture and processing of documents are therefore quickly identified. The questions to be asked in transportation and logistics companies with regard to Intelligent Document Processing are (among others) the following:

  1. Can IDP handle the challenges of documents?
  2. Can IDP handle the variation in documents?
  3. Does IDP learn with more documents and larger amounts of data?

IDP concludes positively on all three points, as can be seen below:

  1. The challenges of documents in the transportation and logistics industry are obvious: Documents come in unstructured form, scanned multiple times, poor quality, stamped, with handwritten annotations and notes, and so on and so forth. IDP copes with all these challenges thanks to advanced AI technologies and delivers accurate results in the form of precise data.
  2. Few industries process a greater variety of documents: In addition to delivery bills, there are other documents that accompany goods, including customs declarations, bills of lading (in air freight, the so-called air waybills), or, depending on the product, certificates of analysis.
  3. Thanks to machine learning and deep learning technologies, IDP not only learns automatically with more documents and data and continuously improves in the background, but also understands the context from the data through these technologies, which is of enormous significance in the processes.

The high transparency in the documents with IDP enables specific information and exact status in deliveries – the employees and customers will thank you for it

High transparency possible with IDP

IDP delivers high transparency of data throughout the conveyor belt, enabling essential information in real-time. For today’s demands, this is the be-all and end-all for transportation and logistics companies. IDP not only promotes data accuracy through transparency but also enables unprecedented process speeds with document capture and processing automation.

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