Intelligent Document Processing Podcast – Episode #23; Peter Weber, Business Consultant in Information Management at Simplyfile 

Are you ready to unlock unprecedented business efficiency and innovation? Join us in a special IDP podcast featuring Thilo Rossa, the Chief Product Officer of Parashift, and Peter Weber, Business Consultant in Information Management at Simplyfile. Together, these industry experts will unravel the secrets that will revolutionize the way businesses handle documents. 

Get ready for an immersive conversation brimming with valuable insights and practical tips. Discover the transformative power of IDP as we delve into the captivating world of intelligent document processing.  

Are you ready to take businesses to new heights?  Watch now and embark on a remarkable journey of growth and transformation! 

Note: Thilo Rossa has been invited at the prestigious 2023 M-Files Global Partner Conference in Cancun, which is why the background of the video is different than usual.


Thilo Rossa of Parashift
Thilo Rossa, Chief Product Officer at Parashift

Peter Weber, Business Consultant in Information Management at Simplyfile

We have divided the podcast in two main themes. 

Part 1: Unleashing the Future of Document Processing with Parashift  and simplyfile

Why did simplyfile decide to align itself with Parashift? What are the secrets behind Parashift’s revolutionary technology, which has attracted the attention of industry leaders worldwide. See how it’s transforming the way businesses process documents, ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity.  

This partnership isn’t just a collaboration, it’s a game-changer for document processing. 

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Part 2: Experience Unparalleled Efficiency with Parashift, simplyfile and M-Files Synergy! 

Simplyfile, Parashift and M-Files are fueled by a shared commitment to transforming document-centric processes. The combined strengths of these three industry leaders deliver unrivalled efficiency to their customers worldwide.  

Discover the seamless integration that revolutionizes workflows, boosts productivity and ensures customer satisfaction. This collaboration eliminates barriers to productivity, streamlines processes and enables new levels of success. 

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Thanks to Peter Weber, for sharing his experiences and ideas on the subject!  

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking insights and innovations from Parashift and Simplyfile. 

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Gossau, simplyfile AG is a subsidiary of Pius Schäfler AG and supports customers from a wide range of industries in the process of digital transformation. As a future-oriented company with access to many years of experience, simplyfile understands not only the technologies, such as ECM or AI, but above all how and where they are used with significant added value. Among other things, simplyfile relies on the powerful and easy to use software application M-Files. simplyfile simplifies digital work by integrating silos and repositories into one platform. The result: 360-degree view of all documents and information. 

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