Intelligent Document Processing Podcast- Episode #9: Bobby Leu, COO at SELISE, Digital Business & IT

When you go to a fast-food restaurant, do you prefer to go to the counter or order from a self-ordering terminal?  

In other words, have you ever wondered about the impact of self-ordering terminals on businesses and their customers?  

“Why?” would you tell me. Because today we are talking about the role of digitalization of customer experience, and this specific example was discussed during our last session. 

So, welcome to this ninth episode of the Intelligent Document Processing podcast! ???? 

A few weeks ago, we invited Bobby Leu, COO at Selise, Digital Business & IT.       

Selise is a company that designs and implements digital platforms and software. Bobby has implemented numerous digital transition projects during his professional career. In today’s episode, he will provide insights into how artificial intelligence and other technologies have revolutionised the business world. 

We have selected for you three key passages of this 25 minutes conversation between Alain Veuve, CEO at Parashift, and Bobby Leu: 

Parashift IDP Podcast Selise

1°excerpt: How have self-ordering terminals changed the customer experience? 

According to Bobby Leu, self-ordering terminals directly and positively impact both customers and businesses. To demonstrate it, he chose the example of fast-food restaurants. Customers prefer to order a menu at the terminal rather than the counter. Why? Talking to an unknown person, wasting time in the waiting line, being stressed when the queue towards the counter… 

Also, the cashier has not the time to ask the customer for an extra sauce or an extra starter. 

In his opinion, using self-ordering terminals is beneficial for additional sales.   

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2°excerpt:  What are the most significant changes Bobby Leu has perceived during the last five years in digital transformation?  

Bobby Leu experienced the most significant changes with the coronavirus pandemic. The way to buy and the way to sell have changed. Online sales increased due to the inability of customers to travel. Companies had to diversify online distribution channels and rethink how they approached customers. Therefore, the digital transition has been gaining momentum recently, especially in the gastronomy and pharmacy sectors.  

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3°excerpt: What are the recent changes implemented by companies about document processing?  

Bobby Leu noticed that many companies were still manually processing hundreds and thousands of paper-based documents. Because of the pandemic, companies have been implementing work from home and processing physical documents remotely quickly became a problem. Digitization of documents became essential. This positively impacted the development of automated document processing with artificial intelligence. 

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To understand in more detail each theme discussed in this podcast, I invite you to watch the entire video (with the video is always better, but listening a podcast while driving is not bad as well ????) 

Thanks to Bobby Leu for sharing his experiences and ideas on the subject.

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