Introduction to Emma Lebat, Parashift’s marketing trainee

Hi Emma, it’s great to have you with us. Since I’d like to understand a little better who you are and what your marketing role is at Parashift, please tell us about yourself, your background, what brought you to Parashift and what you do here.

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Digital marketing and Communications, I was looking for a dynamic and growing company to prove myself! I heard about Parashift, the company that accepts the best idea of its employees, no matter who it comes from. So I decided to apply as an intern to take care of communications and create marketing content.

You’ve been with us for a few weeks now; what is your first impression and how would you characterize the culture we have here at Parashift?

Everyone works on tasks and knows what to do, but the keyword is “mutual help”. The team takes care of every newcomer and does everything to make the person feel well integrated.

That’s great to hear! And what is currently the most important challenge you’re working on and why?

I want to build a real community around Parashift. To achieve this, I try to create attractive, informative, and engaging content that offers a solution to companies with a specific problem. The impact needs to be immediate, and the business needs to feel affected after just a few seconds of looking.

A real challenge! Curious to observe where you’ll be able to go with this one. On another topic, what does a paradigm shift mean to you and why did you decide to join a crazy bunch and contribute to one yourself?

Working for Parashift is an excellent challenge for me as I am just out of school. The opportunity to work for a fast-growing company in the software world (something I’m not familiar with) is energizing. I’m learning to set achievable but ambitious goals, which pushes me to do my best.

Talking of a fast-growing company... How do you envision the next five years for Parashift?

Day after day, the entire Parashift team faces numerous challenges and always strives to meet and solve each and every one of our customers’ tasks.

That’s the usual grind young and innovative companies go through, right?! But you didn’t really answer my actual question. Therefore, once again formulated differently: You take a time machine and set the time five years forward. Where does Parashift stand?

I am sure that Parashift will prove itself to the largest companies in the country and elsewhere. The company will be a market leader thanks to its innovation. The keyword here is Document Swarm Learning

In case some of our readers are looking for inspiring book or podcast recommendations… What would you recommend and why?

I recommend reading Dale Carnegie’s books, which provide readers with excellent methods for shining in the world of work and undertaking new things. “How to Win Friends and Influence People” has been a revelation to me.

Never heard of the book nor the author. I’d better add it to my (already way too long) reading list then.

If I were you, I definitely would, yes!

Alright Emma. To this end, I’d like to thank you for this quick chat and sharing.

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