IT System Integrators boost capabilities and customer base with IDP, targeting Global Business Services (GBS)


In 2024, a key trend is emerging among the IT System Integrators: the adoption of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to improve document management services. Demand for this type of technology is growing, especially among large organisations that have adopted a Global Business Services (GBS) model. This article examines the potential for IT System Integrators to drive new business by incorporating an IDP solution into their service offerings.

GBS models are the ideal prospects for IT System Integrators. But what does GBS mean exactly?

Large enterprises operating under the GBS model are actively seeking innovative solutions, making them ideal prospects for IT System Integrators. Let’s gain a clear understanding of it is crucial for more effectively attracting these businesses thanks to IDP.

Global Business Services (GBS) is an evolved business model that integrates services such as finance, HR, IT, and customer support across various geographies. This model aims to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and ensure consistent service delivery.

Key highlights of a GBS Model:

  • Integration of diverse services: The corporation’s GBS unit centralizes a broad spectrum of services, including human resources, finance, IT, and facilities management, which were previously scattered across various departments and regions.

  • Emphasis on technology and innovation: The GBS model heavily focuses on leveraging advanced technologies such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to refine processes, enhance decision-making, and boost overall efficiency.

  • Strategic business role: Far from being just a support function, the GBS model plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s overall business strategy, utilizing consolidated services to generate significant insights and inform top-level strategic decisions.

  • Cost-efficiency and value creation: By centralizing services and adopting technological advancements, the GBS model achieves significant cost savings while adding value to the business, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing scalability.

  • Improved experiences: The GBS model elevates experiences for both employees and customers, with employees benefiting from streamlined processes and customers enjoying more efficient services.

  • Global scalability: The adaptability of the GBS framework is essential, particularly in a rapidly changing market, enabling the corporation to maintain its competitive edge.

Strategic advantages that offer IT System Integrators to GBS model when providing them with an IDP solution

The strategic advantages offered are multifaceted. These advantages are critical in enhancing the overall efficiency, scalability, and decision-making capabilities within a GBS framework.

  1. Enhanced efficiency and productivity: IDP solutions automate and streamline the processing of large volumes of documents. This reduces the time and resources spent on manual data entry and document handling, thereby boosting overall efficiency and productivity in GBS operations.

  2. Improved data accuracy and quality: The advanced AI algorithms in IDP solutions ensure high accuracy in data extraction and processing. This leads to a significant reduction in errors compared to manual processing, thereby enhancing the quality of data used across various GBS functions like finance, HR, and customer service.

  3. Cost reduction: By automating routine and time-consuming document processing tasks, IDP solutions help in cutting down operational costs. This is particularly beneficial for GBS models as they often handle a high volume of transactions and data, where cost efficiency is a major concern.

  4. Scalability to meet business demands: IDP solutions offer scalability, which is crucial for GBS models that need to adapt to varying workloads and business demands. This scalability ensures that document processing capabilities can be ramped up or down without impacting the quality of service.

  5. Enhanced compliance and risk management: With IDP, IT System Integrators provide GBS models with tools that are designed to comply with various regulatory standards. This is particularly important for multinational corporations that must adhere to different legal and compliance requirements across regions.

  6. Data-driven insights for strategic decision making: IDP solutions enable more effective data analytics by transforming unstructured document data into structured formats that can be easily analyzed. This facilitates better data-driven decision making within the GBS framework.

  7. Improved customer and employee experience: Automated document processing leads to quicker turnaround times and more accurate information handling, thereby enhancing the experience for both customers and employees. For GBS models, which often include customer-facing services, this can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  8. Innovation and competitive advantage: By adopting cutting-edge IDP technology, GBS models can stay ahead of the curve, fostering a culture of innovation. This not only gives them a competitive advantage but also aligns with the digital transformation goals of modern businesses.

  9. Flexibility and customization: IDP solutions offered by IT System Integrators can often be customized to meet the specific needs of a GBS model. This flexibility ensures that the solution integrates well with existing systems and processes, providing a tailored approach to document management.

Parashift IDP Platform: The ideal solution for IT System Integrators’ offerings to generate business with GBS models

Parashift IDP Platform is exceptionally well-suited for IT System Integrators, offering a range of technical features and capabilities that align with their core requirements. Understanding these technical aspects is crucial for SI to recognize the value Parashift IDP Platform can bring as a key component of their service offerings. Here’s a detailed technical analysis:

  1. Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms: Parashift IDP Platform is powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. This technology is crucial for accurately extracting, validating, and processing data from a wide range of document types and formats, which is a common requirement in diverse GBS functions.

  2. High accuracy and reduced manual intervention: The sophisticated AI models are trained to handle complex document processing tasks with high precision. This minimizes the need for manual data entry and verification, thereby reducing human error and enhancing the overall data quality – a significant benefit for GBS operations that rely on accurate data for decision-making.

  3. Seamless integration with existing systems: Parashift IDP Platform is designed for compatibility and can be seamlessly integrated into existing GBS infrastructures. This integration capability is vital for avoiding disruptions in established workflows and for ensuring that the transition to automated document processing is smooth.

  4. Scalability to match GBS dynamics: Parashift IDP Platform is scalable, allowing GBS models to handle varying volumes and types of documents efficiently. This scalability is essential for adapting to business growth, seasonal fluctuations, and other changes in document processing demands.

  5. Customizable and flexible solutions: Parashift IDP Platform offers customization options to meet specific needs of different GBS operations. This flexibility ensures that the solution can be tailored to suit various business requirements, regulatory compliance needs, and integration with other enterprise systems.

  6. Enhanced data security and compliance: Understanding the critical importance of data security and regulatory compliance in GBS models, Parashift IDP Platform is built with robust security measures. It adheres to compliance standards, ensuring that sensitive information is processed and stored securely.

  7. Process automation across diverse functions: Parashift IDP Platform can automate document processing across various GBS functions like finance, HR, and customer service. This capability to work across different business areas adds immense value to GBS models that often deal with a wide spectrum of document-centric processes.

  8. Data-Driven insights and analytics: Parashift IDP Platform not only processes documents but also transforms unstructured data into structured, actionable insights. This feature is crucial for GBS models to harness their data for analytics and strategic decision-making.

  9. Continuous Learning and improvement: Parashift IDP Platform is designed to learn and improve over time. This continuous learning ensures that the document processing becomes more efficient and accurate as the system is exposed to more data. This is possible thanks to Document Swarm Learning® technology, a dynamic learning system that enhances the platform’s efficiency and accuracy over time.

For IT System Integrators, leveraging Parashift IDP Platform as part of their service offerings presents a compelling selling point. It provides them with a technically advanced, efficient, and secure solution that addresses the multifaceted challenges of document processing in their customers operations (especially well suited for GBS models). Parashift IDP Platform is not just a tool, but a strategic asset for SI looking to enhance their value proposition and market competitiveness.


As we head into 2024, the demand for document processing solutions is surging, particularly from Global Business Services (GBS). Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) has become a strategic tool for IT System Integrators targeting this sector. This adoption signifies more than just an enhancement of service offerings; it’s a crucial step in addressing the complexities and changing needs of GBS frameworks.

Parashift IDP Platform offers a myriad of strategic advantages, ranging from operational efficiency and improved data accuracy to cost reduction and enhanced compliance. The scalability and adaptability of this solution ensure that it remains aligned with the dynamic requirements of GBS models, supporting their continuous growth and digital transformation.

For our partners, leveraging this IDP technology is critical to maintaining competitiveness. As GBS models evolve, IDP becomes an essential driver of operational excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

In essence, the partnership between IT System Integrators and Parashift represents an investment in the future, setting a standard for meeting and exceeding the demands of Global Business Services. This approach will differentiate our partners, ensuring their success and relevance in an increasingly digital business landscape.