Smooth AP invoice processing with the Business Processing Cloud

Traditional on-premise applications have clear limitations in contrast to cloud-based approaches. Efficient and rapidly scalable cloud solutions can lead to decisive competitive advantages in business process design. This also applies to AP invoice processing. With the Business Processing Cloud, bc-competence enables fully automated invoice processing in the cloud.

This article explains the specific advantages of cloud-based invoice processing in the Business Processing Cloud, even for small and medium-sized enterprises and regardless of their industry, and how the Parashift Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform is involved.

Obvious advantages with the Business Processing Cloud

With its years of experience in the digitization and automation of business processes, bc-competence ensures optimized and process-oriented solutions. This is also the case for AP invoice processing. The cloud-based solution enables the intelligent automation of this business process.

Whenever a company reaches its limits with their previous on-premise solution for various reasons, for example, due to expensive maintenance or lengthy processes, the Business Processing Cloud comes into play.

With automated invoice processing in the Business Processing Cloud, this brings customers clear advantages:

  • Cost-effective, fast and easily scalable, perfect for SMEs
  • Efficient and flexible, agility is always guaranteed
  • Industry-independent solution
  • IT resources can be saved, no expensive maintenance costs
  • Data is stored encrypted in the DACH region, meeting the highest security requirements

Where traditional recognition components reach their limits, Parashift’s AI recognition enables us to automate complex end-to-end business processes in our business processing cloud. – Silas Stuber, Product Leader bc-competence gmbh

Intelligent Swarm Learning technology

Parashift’s IDP platform is used to intelligently capture, extract and process data from invoices in the business processing cloud. One of the biggest differences from traditional systems is the innovative solution approach using Swarm Learning technology.

With Swarm Learning technology, the AI training endeavor is scaled in an unprecedented way. It does so by separating extraction entities from document types and decoupling them from learning models. As a result, extraction methods are constantly re-referenced to each other, leading to superior performance.

Other benefits of Swarm Learning technology:

  • Global AI training, each document contributes to the learning
  • Independent and self-organized AI agents are specialized for a specific task
  • Training is scaled across documents, learning progress benefits all users without, of course, sharing actual data

With the help of Parashift’s innovative recognition technology, we complement our products and services to map customer-specific requirements in the automation of business processes in the sense of Business Process-as-a-Service. – Silas Stuber, Product Owner bc-competence gmbh

The combination makes the difference

The cooperation between bc-competence and Parashift makes all the difference. The combination of the Business Processing Cloud with the Parashift IDP platform and Swarm Learning technology enables customers to achieve frictionless, cloud-based invoice processing.

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